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Mon | Aug 1 | 6:00PM
  • Sultan's Pool, Jerusalem
  • August 1-31 2022

    18:00 - 23:00

An arts and crafts fair with nightly live performances at the Sultan's Pool Read more

  • City of David, Jerusalem
  • Tuesday, Thursday (Repeats every week)

    20:15, 21:00, 21:45

The City of David invites you to celebrate 50 years of a unified Jerusalem with a breathtaking sound and... Read more

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Repeats every week)

    08:30 - 18:00

    Thursday (Repeats every week)

    08:30 - 20:00

    Friday (Repeats every week)

    08:30 - 14:00

The IRemember Wall is a unique and meaningful opportunity for the public to participate in an online commemorative activity... Read more

  • The Yellow Submarine, 13 Harechavim Street, Jerusalem
  • November 1-30 2021


Eight days of free indie, jazz, rock, world music and electronic music concerts. Read more

  • Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
  • Monday, Thursday (Repeats every week)


A new night spectacular for the whole family at Tower of David screened on the walls of David Citadel... Read more

Fri | Jul 1 | 6:00PM
  • Gan Haatzmaut (Independence Park), Jerusalem
  • July 1-31 2022

    18:00 - 00:00

Over 150 international and local beers and a festive summer atmosphere Read more

  • Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (Repeats every week)

    19:30 - 21:30

Join a hummus workshop & dinner at the Abraham Hostel and have a proper Israeli meal with Israeli salad,... Read more

  • Old City, Jerusalem
  • June 1-30 2022

    20:00 - 23:00

The Old City streets, walls and windows become illuminated with light art. Read more

  • Wednesday, Saturday (Repeats every week)


Experience the real Jerusalem nightlife scene with this unique pub crawl adventure by Abraham's Hostel. Become a local for... Read more

Sun | May 1 | 5:00PM
  • Musrara, Jerusalem
  • May 1-31 2022

    17:00 - 23:00

Culture, politics and social consciousness expressed through art by local artists in the city's most unique cultural hub. Read more

  • Duration 2.5 h
  • Departure days Mon, Wed

Join a fascinating experience that will take you deep inside the Jewish-Orthodox reality in Jerusalem. Read more

  • City Center, Jerusalem
  • Monday (Repeats every week)

    19:00 - 00:00

Free music, dance, street theater, video art, cooking workshops, parties, artist masterclasses and exhibitions. Read more

  • Blumfield Blvd, Mishkanot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem
  • Tuesday (Repeats every week)

    19:00 - 20:30

Join a fascinating and exclusive wine workshop at Mishkanot Sha'ananim! Cheese assortments and refreshments guaranteed! Read more

Tue | Mar 1 | 8:00PM
  • The Old City, Jerusalem
  • March 1-31 2022

    20:00 - 00:00

Ancient and modern melodies in the Old City walls. Read more

  • The Post Hostel, Koresh Street, Jerusalem
  • Monday (Repeats every week)


Join the Post Hostel's beer workshop to create your own flavor and learn the difference between different types of... Read more

Fri | Oct 29 | 6:40AM
  • Sacher Park, Jerusalem
  • October 29 2021

    06:40 - 11:45

Experience the famous Jerusalem Marathon against the backdrop of fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery and 3,000 years of history Read more

  • The Post Hostel, Koresh Street, Jerusalem
  • Wednesday (Repeats every week)


Join The Post hostel's hummus workshop and learn from the Syrian hummus king the secret of making the best hummus in town. Read more

  • Around Jerusalem
  • August 1-31 2022

    18:00 - 23:00

The festival will introduce you to the beauty of traditional music with the help of some of the best... Read more

Grab your camera or smartphone and enjoy a fascinating workshop while you get a chance to visit famous sites... Read more