Beit Shmuel Guest House

Beit Shmuel Guest House

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About Beit Shmuel Guest House

Beit Shmuel - Mercaz Shimshon Hotel and Guest House is located in the center of historical and cultural Jerusalem overlooking the Old City walls, between the King David & David Citadel hotels. The building was designed by famous architect Moshe Safdie, as part of the Mamilla project. The complex, with its Jerusalem view and blossoming greenery, offers a wide variety of services, including hotel and guest house accommodation, a conference center, educational programs and rooms, cultural and leisure activities and a glass-domed hall overlooking the Old City, for private events. Each of the 41 rooms in the hotel and guest house can accommodate up to six guests per room, suitable for couples, families, celebrations and conferences. Our guests are welcome to enjoy an array of educational and cultural activities, shows, private or group tours, as well as a short walk to the center of town, shopping centers and the night life of Jerusalem. Twenty nine rooms offer a fully equipped shower room and separate toilet, central air conditioning, LCD television screens with cable and satellite programs, refrigerator and coffee station. The rooms are suitable for social and family gatherings, Youth group and students accommodating up to 6 guests per room. The main area has seating and free wireless Internet (WiFi) access. Also see the Beit Shmuel Hotel and the holiday apartment.

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  • address iconEliyahu Shama St 6, Jerusalem, Israel
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based on 794 traveler reviews
  • Paul Shotts
    Paul Shotts
    February 25, 2019

    We were a group of fifteen staying Friday to Saturday. All the group were in rooms around a central area with comfortable seating and provisions for tea and coffee that was reserved for our use. The rooms are large and co...

  • Ellen Tilles
    Ellen Tilles
    June 5, 2018

    This was a hostel when I stayed here years ago. My room had six beds. There was a private bath and shower. My patio looked across to the Jaffa Gate. Magnificent!!! Breakfast was superior and the gardens totally magnificen...

  • Jackie R
    Jackie R
    June 11, 2018

    Our room was supposed to be ready at 9 am. We checked at 11 and still not ready. Checked at 1. Still nope. 2:45? Nope. Worst service ever. Plus, 1 key for a 6 person room?! Worst idea ever. Keys don't cost much to make an...

  • Moshe Rapoport
    Moshe Rapoport
    December 4, 2019

    What a wonderful wedding! We attend a most beautiful Simcha at this extraordinary location - the view of the hall overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem was just beautiful! It made the wedding ceremony so much moire mean...

  • Jack Levy
    Jack Levy
    June 28, 2018

    This is a review for their catering service at the 4th floor. They are professionals, they have one of the nicest places in Jerusalem, and the staff is helpful and friendly (thank you Tami :) It is little pricy. But you g...