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Jerusalem Inn

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About Jerusalem Inn

Jerusalem Inn is perfectly located in the center of Jerusalem, a seven minute walk from Jaffa Gate and the historic Old City and steps away from the light rail, Zion Square and Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall. Jerusalem Inn offers cozy, comfortable rooms at a good value for money with free Wi-Fi and laptops for guests to use.

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  • address iconYohanan Horkanos St 7, Jerusalem, Israel
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based on 290 traveler reviews
  • Mendel Hodakov
    Mendel Hodakov
    July 27, 2023

    Better to spend another few dollars get a proper hotel. Don't pay for the hotel until you see the room you are getting first. The linen and towels do not look or feel clean and fresh. The toilet water was running non-stop...

  • Sebastian Goettel
    Sebastian Goettel
    March 4, 2023

    I should have listened a bit more to the other reviews, but whatever. First of all, the good thing is that the location is really very central. If you want to explore Jerusalem, you can reach most of it on foot or quickly...

  • stuart levine
    stuart levine
    May 25, 2023

    I was a little apprehensive as the reviews weren't great. We took a chance and have no regrets. Great price, lovely big room and perfect location. Yes, there was some noise outside, but it's Jerusalem, and people are happ...

  • Matthew Kecskemeti
    Matthew Kecskemeti
    March 19, 2023

    Machaneh Yehudah Market approx. 1km from the Hotel (but You can travel with tram) Jaffa Street on the corner! The hotel are in the Old City! 1,5km from the Western Wall! Breakfast are excellent and copious! Rooms are cl...

  • s shenhav
    s shenhav
    April 21, 2023

    great location. Service was great! we had problems with our tv and the very nice front desk guy, remedied it for us,resulting in replacing the converter box. Much better service than the Eyal (their sister hotel) we will...