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Masaryk Suites

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About Masaryk Suites

Masaryk Suites in the German Colony and city center offers elegant, modern apartments for short-term rental. Apartments come in various sizes to suit any need, each with a balcony overlooking the property's lush garden.


Located off Emek Refaim Street, Masaryk Suites are just minutes away from the shops and restaurants of the German Colony and First Station complex. The city center and Old City are 20-30 minutes by foot or 10-15 minutes by car or public transportation. The Masaryk Suites apartment in downtown Jerusalem is just minutes by foot away from the Old City and restaurants, nightlife and shops of the city center. Photos: Courtesy of Masaryk Suites  

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Full Kitchen
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  • address iconMasaryk St 4, Jerusalem, Israel
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based on 5 traveler reviews
  • Ellen Tilles
    Ellen Tilles
    February 24, 2023

    I happen to live in this building. It is attractive, quiet and clean. Some of the apartments are air BNB. Some are annual rentals and some are inhabited by the owners. The gardens and flowers are bright and stunning. A cl...

  • Gusia
    April 12, 2018

    I recommend!!!! The apartment is suitable for max. 5 people. One person sleeps in the half-bed, but it is very comfortable. Bathroom a bit small.

  • Buy property in Israel
    Buy property in Israel
    March 24, 2018

    I liked the clean and orderly atmosphere in the pedestrian mall and in general

  • דניס אזנקוט
    דניס אזנקוט
    November 2, 2019

    Breathtaking place.

  • דניאל מרידור
    דניאל מרידור
    September 14, 2019