Tur Sinai Organic Farm Exclusive Vacation Rental

Tur Sinai Organic Farm Exclusive Vacation Rental

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About Tur Sinai

Located in the heart of Emek Ha'arazim, just 5 minutes  from Jerusalem and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, Tur Sinai Organic Farm Resort blends seamlessly into the landscape of the Jerusalem Metropolitan Park. The ecologically-conscious boutique hotel features guest rooms and luxurious suites elegantly furnished in a rustic style but also replete with modern amenities like air conditioning, television, leather couches and a skylight. The Morrocan bathhouse-style bathrooms are particularly luxurious. The environmentally friendly rooms are built to conserve energy by allowing for natural heating and cooling, and the grounds are irrigated using recycled gray water. Tours of the area are available by appointment.

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  • address iconZe'ev Tur Sinai St, Jerusalem, Israel
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based on 1149 traveler reviews
  • Arthur Lampert
    Arthur Lampert
    December 15, 2022

    Nice enough place for a wedding. Very rustic, outdoorsy, hidden at the edge of the city. It was hard to walk on the rough unpaved paths and hills between the different venues.

  • Avi Kalusky
    Avi Kalusky
    March 26, 2023

    Access was a bit tricky, the rooms are beautiful and clean, and the the atmosphere is very quite. Without the highway sounds the location would be perfect 🙂. Service was Great

  • Wendy Derovan
    Wendy Derovan
    December 3, 2018

    We attended a wedding there recently one evening. Rustic but comfortable, lots of lighting. The food was superb! It was an indoor/outdoor event, so not a good choice for very cold weather. Not the best for people with acc...

  • Moris Hasky
    Moris Hasky
    March 30, 2018

    Walking around this place with a guide who was just picking up pants from the ground and give him them for me to eat. Basically everything that's planted there you can eat and there is more than 200 species. I really enjo...

  • Daniel Petukhin
    Daniel Petukhin
    November 9, 2021

    Place is good for not more than 200 people. The dance floor is a bit small. Cozy and lovely, but IDK if it's good for winter/hot summer.

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