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Mamilla Hotel

  • 11 Shlomo Hamelech St, Jerusalem
  • Photo: Mamilla Hotel

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The hotel is in a great location in the mall anyway, the hotel has free parking for guests..The reception was quick and good. The room was perfect the only problem was the pillows which were too soft. There is both a bath and a shower which is really great. Breakfast is very good

Worst "Luxury" experience I ever had. Stay Away!
TripAdvisor RatingReviewed 1 day ago

STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL. IT IS NOT A LUXURY HOTEL, and isn't worth your money. I have been here in the past, and it was a totally different story. This time when we stayed, we were shocked at how bad the experience was. DO NOT SPEND TOP DOLLAR HERE. We paid more than 500$...


STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL. IT IS NOT A LUXURY HOTEL, and isn't worth your money. I have been here in the past, and it was a totally different story. This time when we stayed, we were shocked at how bad the experience was. DO NOT SPEND TOP DOLLAR HERE. We paid more than 500$ per night, and got a terrible experience, in amenities, but especially in service. It is NO LONGER a luxury hotel, and as others mentioned, insanely overpriced for what it is. Room - quite clean (not spotless... for example, the rug wasn't clean), nice minimalistic modern design. But - the room is very very small. Also, there are little things - like the remote wasn't working... the shower head was clogged so water came out like a hose. not what you expect in a "luxury" room. Also, there is no wow factor, or any "extra" amenities to make it special reception is manned only sometimes - like ina. motel 6. most time we came and needed service there was no one around - we had to scream "hello" for someone to eventually come. after a few minutes. valet parking is bad - takes more than 30 minutes to get ur car, although the parking lot is right beside the hotel. and instead of seeing the city, you wait in the lobby wasting your time, and they reassure you, the car is 1 minute away 20 times. most hotel staff DO NOT wear masks as they should by LAW, and if they do, its either only on their mouth, or covering their neck... unbelievable that even staff don't keep the corona regulations.. even when complaining to the hotel manager on site, the mask was barely covering his mouth. Breakfast is light on variety, half is close. and on Saturday its even worse, don't expect a normal coffee for example, or an omelet. some salads were stale and indedible. it has a good cheese selection and deserts though. the gym is nice and well equipped The worst of all is customer service - for example, we had to wait 15 minutes in the cold outside waiting for the door to the hotel to be opened for us, when finally someone answered the bell, they blamed US for pressing too much.... and didn't apologize for us waiting for the door to be opened. The straw that broke the camel's back was the following: We had an altercation because of some insane person who attacked us during the morning buffet and we were then also treated like crap by the onsite manager ARIEL MUSHAIEF - who came to us (and although didn't know what transpired before he came to us), blamed US for starting a fight, while talking extremely aggressively to us, in front of the whole room (he later claimed that it was loud so he had to scream hahaaa funny). not only did he talk in an aggressive tone and voice level, he talked with his hands like some street thug, making annoying disrespectful aggressive gestures. we were shocked (later on - when i complained to him that he was talking with his hands, and i showed him how, he reprimanded me for talking with my hands and disrespecting him. unbelievable - do you understand the logic here? i showed him how he dared to talk to us, and i am the bad guy. ) He then asked to talk to us and we agreed to talk to him before we left. throughout the talk (and also during the morning talk with him) he didn't let us finish a SINGLE SENTENCE, was talking aggressively, wasn't answering our arguments, just reprimanding us, was blaming us for stuff that didn't happen, and wasn not LISTENING! he came to preach, not to listen, which is the worst service, and above all dared to educate us on how we should behave throughout the talk (for example, we explained to him how the fight transpired that morning - and mentioned the different curses the insane person from the morning used on us. what was the manager's response? telling us we are behaving like children saying he said this, we said that.... ) at the end, HE ABRUPTLY finished the conversation, claiming we were disrespecting him. just unbelievable to get this treatment from a "manager". it was the worst customer service i ever got, let alone at a luxury hotel. this guy SHOULD NOT be a manager at any hotel, budget or luxury. Had no compassion whatsoever for 2 customers who paid more than a $1,000 to have a relaxing luxury stay and had exactly the opposite.

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TripAdvisor RatingReviewed 2 days ago

Nice and clean the room was very good, the breakfast was average and not suitable for this level of hotel they don't offer variety of options. the price for staying is too high for this kind of hotel and service.


    • Suited for

    • Business
    • Conventions
    • Couples
    • Events
    • Families
    • Kosher
    • Services

    • Heating
    • Air Conditioning
    • Restaurant
    • Cable/Satellite TV
    • Fax / Photocopying
    • Mini Bar
    • Room Service
    • Laundry
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Elevator
    • Safe
    • SPA
    • Tour Desk
    • General

    • Accessibility
    • Free WIFI
    • Free Parking
    • Fitness Center
    • Outdoor Swimming Pool
    • Event Hall
    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Meeting Room
    • Check in: 3:00 PM
    • Check out: 12:00 PM