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5 Reasons to Visit Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday

Thursday evening and Friday morning are the best times to find entertainment in Jerusalem. This is when you’ll find the city’s best nightlife and the best breakfasts the next morning. You’ll enjoy a true Jerusalem experience, and get a taste of Jerusalem’s special atmosphere, too.

Between you and me, there are many more than five reasons to visit Jerusalem on Thursday and Friday, but in this article, we’ve collected the best and most enjoyable activities – the ones you can’t afford to miss.

Thursday Evening:  A Shuk Party

Photo: Machneyuda restaurant

The Jerusalem shuk (market) is a city icon. This is where you go to drink up the authentic Jerusalem atmosphere, and to find stands selling the best spices and delicacies in Israel. Plus, some of the best restaurants in the city are hiding in the shuk’s various nooks and crannies.

The shuk comes to life on Thursday evenings, when all the tourists and residents come out for some R&R. This is the best time to enjoy one of the shuk’s amazing restaurants and to learn about Israeli culture.

Burger Market is one of the market’s trendiest joints at the moment. If you’re looking for a kosher and high-quality burger, this is the place to get one. The concept is pretty simple: 200gr of freshly ground beef burger, served in a sweet bun, accompanied by crispy fries and a beer. All of that for 49 ILS. The idea is to serve a limited yet high-quality menu in a fun and local atmosphere that lasts until the small hours of the morning.

Machneyuda Restaurant proudly bears the shuk’s name. One look at the décor is enough to see why this restaurant is special: The packed kitchen is filled with colorful china tiles, and the pans hanging from the walls create a cozy, modern, and homelike atmosphere. Run by three local chefs, Machneyuda  offers hot and delicious Mediterranean dishes – made fresh and served perfectly.

Burger Market is located at 3 Ha’armonim Street, Jerusalem

Machneyuda Restaurant is located at 10 Beit Ya’akov Street, Jerusalem

Party in the City Center

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Photo: Alex Yampolsky

The night life in Jerusalem’s city center includes an impressive selection of all types of bars. One of the hottest places to go at the end of the week is Wild Cat Bar.

The Wild Cat is a young, fun and dynamic bar located in the picturesque Nachalat Shiva neighborhood. We’re talking about a night out with lots and lots of alcohol, backgammon board games, and good and healthy laughs. This is the spot where Old Jerusalem and the new nightlife scene meet, starting from the slightly freaky cat sign at the entrance, to the intimate structure of the place, and ending with the drinks and games.

If you want a more intimate experience, it’s worth visiting Gatsby’s cocktail bar. To enter, you’ll need to walk through unidentified black doors, and then through a secret door in the library. Once you’re in, you’ll find waitresses wearing evening dresses, barmen with tailored clothes, and a chic cocktail bar.

Gatsby’s retro-style cocktail bar is designed to be reminiscent of the Great Depression, when people founded secret bars to quench the public’s thirst. With jazz music playing in the background, Gatsby’s cocktails are unique and extravagant, perfect for anyone looking for an alcohol experience.

The Wild Cat Bar is located at 3 Yosef Rivlin Street, Jerusalem


Gatsby is located at 18 Hillel Street, Jerusalem

The Unique Hotels of Jerusalem

Photo: Saint George hotel

Jerusalem is well known for its hotels, which combine luxurious and modern design with the famous Jerusalem Stone exterior. Like everything else we’ve mentioned, this combination is something you’ll find only in Jerusalem.

Some of the magic belongs to the small, intimate hotels, with their homelike feel and emphasis on personal attention for each customer. Carefully decorated to create a warm atmosphere, Arcadia Bamoshava is one of these special hotels.

Located in a quiet upscale neighborhood close to the city center, shopping malls, and cafes, Arcadia Bamoshava offers a perfect vacation experience. Lodging in Aracadia Bamoshava includes their famous breakfast and their “pie time.” Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best pie in Jerusalem!

Located just minutes away from Jerusalem’s Old City and the First Station, Saint George Hotel prides itself on its terrace overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City, and boasts one of the best views in the city. All the meals are served in a warm atmosphere, and there’s nothing like starting or ending the day with quality food and a good cup of wine opposite the Old City’s walls and towers.

You’ll also enjoy a view of Jerusalem’s older neighborhoods, as well as the crowds of tourists streaming to the city from every corner of the globe. Saint George’s staff is warm and friendly, and the hotel offers an old library complete with armchairs to relax in. With its reasonable prices and unique experience, Saint George’s is the perfect hotel for couples, or for your uncle from abroad.

Arcadia Bamoshava is located at 13 Yehoshua Bin Nun Street, Jerusalem. 

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Saint George Hotel is located at 6 Amar Ben Ela’as Street, Jerusalem.

A Jerusalem Breakfast


Photo: Nahman restaurant

Friday morning is the perfect time to go out for a delicious breakfast and start the day off on the right foot. There’s nothing like Jerusalem air to help you start your day, and in the city center’s Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, you’ll find Kikar Hamusika, complete with shows, a museum, and a variety of restaurants.

Nahman Restaurant is one of these, and specializes in rich and delectable Israeli breakfasts with an Italian twist. Nahman’s head chef is Rachel Dabach, who is known for her excellent work in Pips Restaurant. Among Nahman’s delicious breakfasts are French toast made from brioche pastries and topped with maple syrup, fresh fruits and cream, muesli with salad and seasonal fruits, and honey with goat yogurt and granola.

Did you start your Friday a bit late? Nahman’s offers brunch until 2pm. Their brunch menu includes freshly squeezed juice, hot drinks, a basket of bread, baked goods, and your choice of main course (shakshuka with soft white goat’s milk cheese, Benedict eggs with creamy spinach and lox, filo dough pastries, and more).

You can find Nahman at 12 Mevoh Beit David, Jerusalem. 

Nature in the City – on Friday


Photo: Gazelle Valley

Jerusalem has several nature spots perfect for romantic visits or a family outing with kids. Friday morning or afternoon is the best time to visit these places – because you’ll have practically no competition.

The Biblical Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Jerusalem, and is centrally located in the south of the city. Built according to the European tradition, with wide shaded paths for visitors, the Biblical Zoo boasts animals in danger of extinction, such as tigers, lions, Persian leopards, elephants, and a variety of lively monkeys who are always happy to see visitors. You’ll also see animals from Biblical times, such as wolves, ponies, and giraffes.

The biggest attraction, though, is watching the zoo staff feed the hilarious lemurs. Lemurs love to show off their abilities, and children and adults alike love watching them. Children also love the zoo’s train, which stops at all the main zoo attractions. And if you love the zoo, you can buy a membership card and get a huge discount.

Another good nature spot is Emek Hatzvaim Park (Gazelle Valley), where you’ll get to enjoy a great hike and the beautiful ponds. Watch the animals and birds, or take part in one of the various activities offered for all ages.

On Friday mornings, come watch the gazelles before the park gets crowded or the day gets hot. Just bring a mat, rent binoculars at the park’s entrance, and find a quiet spot to sit and watch.

In the Botanical Gardens, you’ll find ten thousand different plants from around the globe, planted with care in the heart of Jerusalem. Offering the largest selection of plants in the country, the Botanical Garden is one of the most impressive nature spots in the city. Plus, throughout the year, the Botanical Garden hosts cultural events and family activities.

Another amazing nature spot is the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, where there are bird ringing activities. During the ringing, the birds are identified by their feathers and personalities, as well as by the trip they’ve made before arriving at the observatory and whether the bird is planning to continue. It’s an intimate, enjoyable, and educational experience perfect for children and adults – and you won’t want to miss it.

The Biblical Zoo can be found at 1 Derech Aharon Shulov Street, Jerusalem. 

Emek Hatzvaim Park is located at the Pat-Herzog Junction, Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens are located at 1 Burla Street, Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory can be found on Rothschild Street, Jerusalem.