Top 5 Attractions Near Malha Mall

Top 5 Attractions Near Malha Mall

autor iconBy Spencer Ho

Even though it’s just a short drive from the city center, Jerusalem’s largest shopping center, Malha Mall, sometimes seems like it’s out there on an island.

However, if you look around a bit, you’ll see that the area around it has been developing, and the mall is no longer a standalone attraction.

See for yourself…

The Tisch Family Biblical Zoo

צילום: אילן זביב Photo: iTravelJerusalem

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo is one of the top family attractions in the city thanks not only to the many interesting animals it houses, but also the events, activities and tours that take place daily for visitors of all ages.

Head over to the zoo any day of the week for guided feedings, story and creative workshops and night tours.

1 Derech Aharon Shulov

Ein Yael Active Museum

צילום: מוזיאון פעיל עין יעל Photo: Courtesy of Ein Yael Active Museum

 The Ein Yael Active Museum is a unique and remarkable attraction that offers a combination of nature, history and fun, educational activities that bring ancient times to life for the visitors of today. Located in the Emek Refaim Valley, the the museum property is adorned with ancient terraces, a spring, gardens, agricultural areas and archaeological sites, including a Roman villa, bathhouses and a reconstructed Roman street with shops that host workshops.

Ein Yael brings the historical site to life with a variety of workshops and activities, including weaving, pottery, making mosaics, fresco painting, scented oil production and more. If you’re there at the right time of year, you can also see Ein Yael’s olive press, wine press and granary at work. 

Golomb Street, Jerusalem

Gazelle Valley Park

צילום: פארק עמק הצבאים Photo: Gazelle Valley Park

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? You don’t have to go far thanks to Jerusalem’s impressive network of urban nature reserve, including the newest addition to the family -- Gazelle Family. Just a short drive from Malha Mall, the 250-acre reserve is home to a pack of about 30 wild gazelles, and with a lush green landscape, several ponds, streams and even a man-made island, the beautiful grounds are ideal for a scenic stroll or a peaceful picnic.

Corner of Ha-Rav Herzog and Yaakov Pat Streets, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Payis Arena

צילום: היכל פיס ארנה Photo: Jerusalem Payis Arena

Opened in 2015, the state of the art Payis Jerusalem Arena is the city’s new mega-venue, home to Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Club and the go-to host for any big-ticket concert or large conference. The arena can seat 11,500-15,500 people, depending on what type of event, and is slated to host a number of international sporting events with the Israeli national tennis and gymnastics teams. 

1 Derech David Banbanishty, Jerusalem

Teddy Stadium

Right next door to the arena, you can find the mammoth Teddy Stadium, home to Jerusalem’s 3 major soccer (football) teams, Hapoel Jerusalem, Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem and Beitar Jerusalem, as well as the Israeli national team from time to time.

Jerusalemites love their soccer teams, so if you want to get to know more about the modern society, it’s absolutely worth catching a match.

Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem