Best Hummus in Jerusalem

Best Hummus in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Yael Brigel , May 18, 2023

There are two certainties when visiting Jerusalem: you will eat hummus, and dozens of locals will try to convince you that they are the ones who know where the best hummus in town is. The air of authority with which these recommendations are made, such as "Take my word for it, alas, I am a seventh generation hummus maker (or is it eater?)," can make things confusing, especially when no two people seem to advocate the same establishment.

So let us help you. Because really, we are the ones who know the best places to sample this all-important Middle Eastern dip while in Jerusalem. No really, these are (some of) the best hummus joints in town.

For those who aren’t quite sure what this dish actually is, hummus is a spread – the origins of which are heatedly debated but is generally agreed to be somewhere in the Middle East – made from cooked, finely mashed chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) blended with tahini (techina in Hebrew, sesame seed butter), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is used as an opening dish at all Middle Eastern restaurants where guests dip pita bread into the spread. The dipping is an important part of the hummus-eating experience.

Hummus Shel Tehina near the Mahane Yehuda Market

Known best for it’s extra smooth and creamy hummus, Hummus Shel Tehina is a bastion of delicious homestyle cooking and warm service that’ll make you feel right at home.

23 Nisim Bahar Street, Jerusalem

Lina, the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem

Some of the best hummus places can be found in and around the Old City. Head to the Christian Quarter to experience one of Jerusalem's leading hummus restaurants. Lina, which offers a hummus-centered menu, is located close to Station 8 of the Via Dolorosa. It serves a number of variations of the traditional hummus dish, such as hummus with pine nuts, hummus with beans and hummus with hard-boiled egg.

Al Khanka 42, Jerusalem

Hummus Acramawi, Muslim Quarter in the Old City

Hummus Acramawi, opposite Damascus Gate in the Old City, is another crowd favorite and is known for its authentic atmosphere and excellent hummus. Established in 1952, Acramawi has had decades to perfect its product.

The Prophets 2, Jerusalem

Hummus Ben Sira, the city center next to Mamilla Hotel

One of the only hummus restaurants with insomnia, staying up until the small hours of the morning. Hummus Ben Sira is perfect for those out partying who get hungry late at night after partying at the nearby bars and clubs or tourists who want to get out of the lobby late at night.

Ben Sira 3, Jerusalem

Abu Shukri, the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem

Abu Shukri, a small, family-run restaurant in the Muslim Quarter, in addition to hummus, offers falafel balls and salads. Abu Shukri isn't on the fancy side, but it does offer seating and a place to escape from the heat (or cold). Sitting at Abu Shukri after wandering the alleyways of the Old City is relaxing and refreshing.

HaGai 63, Jerusalem