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For Sushi Addicts: the best 5 Sushi Places in Jerusalem

One of Jerusalemites’ biggest complaints is there’s nothing to do in town. Actually, we know this is not true. Over the past several years, restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms after the rain. And we enjoy a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Especially for Sushi lovers. Once upon a time, Israel’s capital hosted one single Sushi restaurant. The latter, which cultivated the authentic Japanese tradition, offered incredible dishes, but given the lack of competition, we were curious to explore other Japanese styles, which was only possible in the Central Region. But no more. In our day there is a large selection of Asian restaurants in Jerusalem. So much so, that it is difficult to choose.Of course, amid these choices, you can find a variety of Asian food and not only sushi.

The menus on offer exhibit a variety of dishes, such as rice noodles with sauteed vegetables, meat or fish. Whoever is not content exclusively with Sushi, may pick other dishes, such as salmon in Teriyaki sauce or Pad Thai skewers in spicy sauce. Each of these restaurants offers excellent vegan and vegetarian options, fresh vegetable salads, sauteed vegetables, in all colors of the rainbow, a plethora of tastes and, in addition, great tofu dishes.

Our general recommendations for all sushi places is to avoid “combinations” and try special rolls instead. Of course, we’re all thinking about the number of rolls we’re getting with each deal, but this is not always advisable.Sometimes, it’s a good idea to indulge in new dishes. In its “specials” menu, a restaurant offers the true specialties of its cuisine, distinguishing it from other eateries. Of course, for lovers classic dishes, there’s a special menu to order from. For those who know what they like and aren’t shy to ask for it.

So after making your mouth water, here are 5 recommended Sushi places in Jerusalem.


Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Japanika, doubtlessly one of the most attractive restaurants in town, is located at Cinema City. The restaurant’s design in soothing wood hues, combines organic materials like bamboo and wood in its decor and furniture, as well as many Japanese decorative elements. This makes Japanika a haven from the noise and hustle and bustle of Jerusalem. The kitchen offers a variety of excellent Asian dishes. The counter bar offers several varieties of sushi. Japanika offers a unique sushi experience, made with fresh produce at affordable prices and unique sushi rolls. This is the perfect place for a quiet and intimate meeting or for a party with friends and family. The Cinema City complex offers various types of entertainment for children and adults, so you may choose a good movie after your meal.

Recommended Rolls: Sunset Roll – Salmon tempura, avocado and chives with sweet potato coating. Japenko – Japanikca’s speciality roll with crispy panko and sweet teriyaki sauce.

Address: Cinema City, Jerusalem

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Sushi Rehavia

Photo: Courtesty of Sushi Rechavia

The city center branch of Sushi Rehavia is a great place for group outings, and the restaurant is spacious and tastefully designed. A large tree bar in the center of the restaurant makes the atmosphere inviting and pleasant.Sushi Rehavia offers the most varied sushi menu in Jerusalem, including multiple choices and combinations. It’s a great place to celebrate a birthday or small events..

Recommended sushi rolls: Rainbow – sweet potato tempura wrapped in three types of fish. Grilled Salmon Roll- salmon skin wrapped in caramelized salmon in teriyaki sauce

Address: 31 Gaza Road, Rehavia, Jerusalem

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Photo: Mushkie Haskelevich

HaSushia is a small, trendy and modern designed eatery, cut straight out from a side alley in Tokyo. The corner street restaurant exhibits Japan’s white and red flag colors. High tables and a wooden bar surround the sushi chefs at work. The non kosher branch on Hillel Street offers an exciting menu of exotic dishes. Ordering Japanese beer is a must to accompany your sushi.

Recommended sushi rolls: Shrimp tempura – shrimp tempura and cucumber. Ora Trilogy – salmon, tuna and white fish in a hot chili sauce.

Address: 12 Hillel Street, Jerusalem

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Of all restaurant varieties in the shuk, the only one missing was Sushiyuda. Perfectly hidden between a fish stand and a vegan bistro, there is no better place to absorb the market atmosphere along with excellent food. The freshness of market products are more important than the decor when talking about sushi. The restaurant offers the best products along with a twist in the bustling market. The restaurant also offers dim sum and beer for an excellent dining experience.

Recommended rolls: Tuna special – red tuna, avocado, campio and green onion covered with red tuna. Special Salmon Lemon – Salmon, asparagus, avocado and cucumber with lemon and salmon coating.

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Street Market

Photo: Courtesy of Street Market

The Street Market, also located in the beating heart of the Mahane Yehuda Market, has become an Asian food complex with authentic locus on offer, including sushi and a variety of Asian and Far Eastern favorites. The place is a paradise for sushi lovers but not only. Here you may also indulge in dim sum and kyo (steamed dumplings), egg rolls, samosas (fried turkey dumplings), yakitori skewers and bao sandwich (steamed Asian roll that comes with a variety of extras).

Recommended rolls: Roll Sabih – fried eggplant fingers with hard boiled egg and avocado, California Sweet potato – sweet potato in tempura with avocado and carrots, Street Rainbow – spicy tuna and vegetables wrapped in salmon.

Address: 12 HaAfarsek Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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