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Best Birthday Party Venues in Jerusalem

    Are you planning a birthday celebration for your loved ones or yourself in Jerusalem? Can’t decide where you should go or how to do it? Here are the best birthday venues, restaurants, bars, and other options that the city has to offer. Whether you’re interested in a private event with your extended family or simply planning a fun night out with your friends, here is your insider’s guide to the best places, tips, recommendations, and more. Happy Birthday!


    rst-valero (13)

    Photo: Courtesy of Valero Restaurant

    In a nutshell: elegant and chic for small-medium scale events for adults (21+).

    Valero is a chic, modern, and elegant restro-bar located at the most popular location in Jerusalem – Machane Yehuda Market. The kitchen is run by chef Aviv Moshe and focuses on meats and fish made in a beautiful Mediterranean style.

    The restaurant uses all fresh ingredients, coming straight from the market’s vendors. For more intimate and elegant birthdays, it’s better to reserve spots from 6:30 pm-9:00 pm. If a night out is what you’re after, starting from 9:00 pm, the place transforms into a lively and dynamic bar where you can celebrate in a fun and happy atmosphere.

    Partial and full restaurant buyouts with special event menus and other requests are possible for small and big groups of up to 70 people.

    Address: 80 Agripas Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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    צילום: איתי מונקנדם

    Photography by: Itai Monnickendam

    In a nutshell: Happy, fun, young and local. For small and private celebrations. 

    If you’re looking for something with a “boutique” flavor, we recommend checking the BeerBazaar. This vibrant and dynamic bar is all about Israeli craft beer and the right food to pair with it. They have six different event menu options with flexible prices to suit all budgets. The place offers its roofed patio for events of up to 80 guests in various seating and cocktail party arrangements. You can go up to 100 guests if you’re willing to include the pavement tables. It is perfect for birthday celebrations, and the staff is kind and attentive.

    A special offer for groups of 10 people or more: 

    Address: 3 Etz Chaim St, Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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    Photo: Courtesy of Nocturno Restaurant

    In a nutshell: affordable events all day long, with live shows and artistic atmosphere.  

    Nocturno café is not just a place where you can chitchat about philosophy and literature, but it is also a perfect spot to celebrate your birthday. The Nocturno can accommodate up to 120 guests with different seating arrangements and options. The place has two floors and two lounges (for 15 and 10 guests).

    Another great thing about Nocturno is its ability to provide your event with a fresh artistic program, as it is well connected with the best artists in Israel. So booking a live performance or a stand-up show for your birthday event will never be easier.

    Event menus at the Nocturno are personalized and customized, and you can count on the ingredients (and even the spices) to always be fresh. Bonus: enjoy the option of ordering a personalized drink from the bartender.

    Address: 7 Betzalel Street, Jerusalem

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    Japanika Cinema City Jerusalem

    צילום: אלכס ימפולסקי

    Photography by: Alex Yampolsky

    In a nutshell: Suchi & Asain cuisine. Kosher. Perfect for intimate gatherings.

    Craving sushi? Keeping it kosher? This is your go-to spot. Located at Cinema City in Jerusalem (dinner and a movie?), Japanika specializes in kosher and delicious Japanese & Asian food, and it is perfect for intimate celebrations. The restaurant offers a wide range of event menus with flexible options to fit any budget.

    The place has a beautiful terrace for up to 100 guests overlooking the lovely scenery of the Government Complex in Jerusalem. If you’re celebrating your birthday during winter and worried about the terrace – don’t. The restaurant will make sure your venue is covered and heated for the convenience of your guests.        

    Address: Cinema City, Jerusalem

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    Lechem Basar

    A birthday celebration at Lechem Bassar restaurant (Photo courtesy of Lechem Bassar)

    In a nutshell: Lechem Basar is a modern kosher restaurant, combining the meat with excellent bread of all kinds.

    The place is graced with an urban atmosphere, joining together the old and the new, situated in the famous First Station Compound in Jerusalem. Its unique interior design creates the perfect setting for joyful and intimate gatherings with friends and family. The place has many sitting arrangements for small groups, by merging tables or occupying part of the bar, as well as intimate and secluded areas. All of these make Lechem Bassar a perfect place for a Birthday celebration. It also has plenty of options, from small VIP room for 35 diners, or big gatherings of 150 people.
    You can schedule your party for both noon or evening, with a budget of 150 ILS per guest at noon, and 180 ILS during the evening.

    Address: The First Station, David Remez St. 4, Jerusalem.

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    Birthday Celebration at Pichonka restaurant (photo courtesy of Pichonka).

    In a nutshell: a rustic restaurant in rural style, situated amongst the marvelous Judean Mountains.

    The Pichonka restaurant is located on a hillside, overlooking the mountains. Designed in an engaging and intimate style, this place will offer you a fantastic atmosphere, combined with exquisite meals and incredible nature. The menu includes authentic rural breakfasts, salads, focaccias, meats, fish, selected kids’ menu, and a wide array of beverages.

    It’s a perfect place for both small gatherings of up to 10 people, or significant events of up to 400 guests. The restaurant has few private rooms and a large balcony overlooking the mountains. The menu can be customized for your event by the proficient staff.

    Address: Nes Harim, Israel.

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    A birthday celebration at Chefchaouen (Photo: Niki Truk)

    In a nutshell: the ultimate street food experience in the heart of Jerusalem – for those who like to keep it casual.

    The Chefchaouen restaurant serves elegant and modern street-food style meals. It’s the perfect way to spend an easygoing party, with a warm welcome, great music, and familiar foods with a twist.
    The place is suitable for celebration with the closest circle of up to 50 people, as well as for more massive parties, up to 130 guests. The staff will provide you with DJ, photographer and will take care of all organizational issues, so you can kick back and relax.

    Address: Hillel Str. 19, Jerusalem.

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    A birthday celebration at Piccolino Restaurant (Photo: courtesy of Maya Eisenberg)

    In a nutshell: for Italian cuisine admirers – the perfect diary restaurant, located in a unique and ancient stone building in the Nachalat Shiva area.

    The Piccolino restaurant serves a unique menu, combining the simplicity of Italian cuisine and impeccable quality. The warm atmosphere of the place is excellent for family gatherings, and the pastry adds sweetness to every moment spent here. Piccolino will gladly host you in a private room suitable for up to 35 guests, or the spacious lounge, ideal for up to 130 guests.

    Address: Yoel Moshe Salomon str.12, Jerusalem

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