Best Birthday Party Venues in Jerusalem

    Planning a birthday celebration for your loved ones or for yourself in Jerusalem? Can’t decide where you should go or how to do it? Here are the best birthday venues, restaurants, bars and other options that the city has to offer. Whether you’re interested in a private event with your extended family or simply planning a fun night out with your friends, here is your insider’s guide to the best places, tips, recommendations and more. Happy Birthday!



    Photo: Courtesy of Nocturno Restaurant

    In a nutshell: affordable events all day long, with live shows and artistic atmosphere.  

    Nocturno café is not just a place where you can chitchat about philosophy and literature, but it is also a really good spot to celebrate your birthday. The Nocturno can accommodate up to 120 guests with different seating arrangements and options. The place has two floors and two lounges (for 15 and for 10 guests).

    Another great thing about Nocturno is its ability to provide your event with a cool artistic program, as it is well connected with the best artists in Israel. So booking a live performance or a stand up show for your birthday event will never be easier.

    Event menus at the Nocturno are personalized and customized and you can count on the ingredients (and even the spices) to always be fresh. Bonus: enjoy the option of ordering a personalized drink from the bartender.

    Address: 7 Betzalel Street, Jerusalem

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    rst-valero (13)

    Photo: Courtesy of Valero Restaurant

    In a nutshell: elegant and chic for small-medium scale events for adults (21+).

    Valero is a chic, modern and elegant restro-bar located at the most popular location in Jerusalem – Machane Yehuda Market. The kitchen is run by chef Aviv Moshe and focuses on meats and fish made in a fine Mediterranean style.

    The restaurant uses all fresh ingredients, coming straight from the market’s vendors. For more intimate and elegant birthdays, it’s better to reserve spots from 6:30pm-9:00pm. If a night out is what you’re after, starting from 9:00pm, the place transforms into a lively and dynamic bar where you can celebrate in a fun and happy atmosphere.

    Partial and full restaurant buyouts with special event menus and other requests are possible for small and big groups of up to 70 people.

    Address: 80 Agripas Street, Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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    צילום: אלכס ימפולסקי

    Photography by: Alex Yampolsky

    In a nutshell: Suchi & Asain cuisine. Kosher. Perfect for intimate gatherings.

    Craving sushi? Keeping it kosher? This is your go-to spot. Located at the Cinema City in Jerusalem (dinner and a movie?), Japanika specializes in kosher and delicious Japanese & Asian food and it is perfect for intimate celebrations. The restaurant offers a wide range of event menus with flexible options to fit any budget.

    The place has a beautiful terrace for up to 100 guests overlooking the lovely scenery of the Government Complex in Jerusalem. If you’re celebrating your birthday during winter and worried about the terrace – don’t. The restaurant will make sure your venue is covered and heated for the convenience of your guests.        

    Address: Cinema City, Jerusalem

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    SEASON Restaurant

    Photo by: SEASON Restaurant

    In a nutshell: chic, elegant, and intimate. A must for foodies!

    Looking for an exclusive place and an unforgettable experience? SEASON restaurant welcomes you to join the chef’s table! The chef’s open table is a unique spot that allows you to enjoy the restaurant’s romantic and elegant atmosphere while you’re watching your meal being prepared right in front of you. The restaurant’s intimate nature makes it a perfect choice for a birthday celebration.

    If you’re looking to host a small-scale event for your birthday, the restaurant can accommodate for up to 28 guests inside the dining area or up to 80 guests in the beautiful balcony overlooking Ein Karem’s glorious views. Kosher observance is upon request.

    Address: 13 Derech Ha’Achayot St, Jerusalem

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    צילום: איתי מונקנדם

    Photography by: Itai Monnickendam

    In a nutshell: Happy, fun, young and local. For small and private celebrations. 

    If you’re looking for something with a “boutique” flavor, we recommend checking the BeerBazaar. This vibrant and dynamic bar is all about Israeli craft beer and the right food to pair with it. They have 6 different event menu options with flexible prices to suit all budgets. The place offers its roofed patio for events of up to 80 guests in various seating and cocktail party arrangements. You can go up to 100 guests if you’re willing to include the pavement tables. It is perfect for birthday celebrations and the staff is kind and attentive.

    A special offer for groups of 10 people or more: 

    Celebrate your birthday at the BeerBazaar!

    Address: 3 Etz Chaim St, Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

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    Photo: Tiamo Restro-bar

    In a nutshell: stylish, new, and trendy Italian-Fusion cuisine. For cool birthdays.

    Tiamo is a new restaurant-bar located in the beautiful Independence Park in the City Center of Jerusalem. Perfect for private events with glorious views. Tiamo’s staff is more than happy to offer professional services that will make your birthday delicious and unforgettable. The restaurant offers a space for up to 120 guests, which can be divided into 3 separate sections.

    This restaurant focuses on innovative Italian-Fusion cuisine and offers a truly irresistible menu. You’ll find intriguing dishes with even more intriguing names, , such as “Tune on Vacation”, the “Orange is the New Black” pizza, “50 Shades of Gray”, “Jerusalem Mix” pappardelle, and even “Candy Shop” pizza. The kitchen is all about fresh ingredients and includes all the best elements that make a great meal: vegetables, meat, fish, and, of course, amazing flavors. Enjoy drinking? Then you should definitely check out Tiamo’s creative cocktails. Some of the options include violet mojitos and basil-lime gin. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a very special birthday.

    Address: 1 Menashe Ben Israel, Jerusalem

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    Justice Club


    Photo: Justice Club

    In a nutshell: Dance and live performance club, which can also be used as a private event venue.

    The Justice Club is located near The First Station in Jerusalem and offers two options for birthday celebrations. If you’re young and looking to go clubbing with your girls or guys, Justice Club hosts some of the craziest parties in Jerusalem. The place can get busy, so just to be sure, call the club and make reservations so you can get all comfortable and exclusive. We also recommend checking with the managers for free entrance tickets (usually costs 20 ILS) and maybe some colorful balloons to make your day special. Note that entrance is from 10 pm and there’s no food menu. Tuesdays are for Israeli music fans and Thursdays are for electronic music enthusiasts.

    However, if what you’re interested in is a private event, the Justice Club can offer that as well. The place specializes in birthday celebrations with the advantage that only a dance club can have. They offer a stage for live music shows, a multimedia system where you can screen funny presentations and videos and even a karaoke machine. The staff will help you with ordering custom catering services and you’re all set for a cool and happy birthday celebration.

    Address: 28 Derech Hebron St, Jerusalem

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    Photo: Hachatzer

    In a nutshell: Small-large scale venue for private events: afternoon/evenings. Perfect for families with children.

    Hachatzer restaurant hosts all types of events in all shapes and sizes, from 20 people and up to 300 people. But what’s really interesting is their group menus. The restaurant saves us all a lot of trouble and confusion by offering at least 3 different types of menus for both evening and afternoon events that include everything. You’ll find appetizers, entrees, main courses, desserts, beverages, etc. For those of us who enjoy their alcohol, we recommend checking the 3rd menu that offers wine and beer refills during the entire event. This is also a great place for a family event because the restaurant does not charge for kids’ courses and you can get a children’s meal on the house.

    Address: 7 Derech Beit Lechem St, Jerusalem

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    Photo: Medita

    In a nutshell: Chef restaurant for up to 180 guests.

    Feeling like indulging? Looking for a high-end chef restaurant for your birthday celebration? Go with Medita. Medita restaurant is run by Chef Moti Ochana, who combines gourmet cooking practices with the familiar and beloved Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate 170 guests: 50-60 in the restaurant’s space and additional 110 guests in a private venue. If you’re looking for something smaller and more intimate, make reservations on Sundays-Tuesdays for a quiet and relaxing experience. The restaurant offers two types of evening menus with a great selection of appetizers, entrees, main courses and desserts.

    Address: 101 Derech Hebron St, Jerusalem

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    In a nutshell: Small and intimate evening events in a classy atmosphere.

    Angelica restaurant is located in the City Center of Jerusalem, just a few minutes walk from Alrov Mamilla Avenue and the Old City. The restaurant specializes in small-scale events and has a private room for intimate celebrations (up to 16 people). If you’re looking for something a bit bigger than that, the restaurant’s space can accommodate up to 85 guests. For your convenience, Angelica offers custom group menus for private events that include everything from sashimi entrees with pickled kohlrabi and shallots, a variety of main courses to choose from and personal desserts that arrive with birthday fireworks candles, which are always a pleasure.

    Address: 4 Washington St, Jerusalem

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