Buy Unique and Memorable Souvenirs from the Holy City of Jerusalem

Buy Unique and Memorable Souvenirs from the Holy City of Jerusalem

autor iconBy Evelyn Shor

No more magnets and postcards – unique and memorable souvenirs from the Holy City of Jerusalem

Every trip and journey has two major components: the impressions we experience while traveling and what stays with us after we go home and goes to our friends and family to commemorate the fact that we went somewhere exotic and never forgot about them while we were there!

Hence, picking up the perfect souvenirs is a crucial part of your trip, and many aren't satisfied with the "generic" picks, such as magnets, hats, and other "Made in China," not very authentic and even less personal ideas.

In this article we'll suggest some original ideas for presents from Jerusalem you won't find in your regular stalls and that's what makes them so unique and worth your attention.

Jerusalem is a colorful and boisterous blend of cultures, languages, ideologies, religions, and world views. Some of the following gifts will incorporate the unique vibe you may find only here.

The book "Jerusalem City Stories – An Activity Guide for Creative Travelers."

It's a great place to start your journey in the city, and a great way to cherish your memories from it. This fantastic book, created by Citykat Stories shows you the Ancient City from a fresh perspective, offering insights and leaving blanks for you to fill with your unique impressions. It can be a great gift to yourself, to have some real guidebook and journey notebook in the real world, as well as a gift to someone you love to show what's all the big fuss is about.

Top reason to buy Jerusalem City Stories:

  • All the insider tips you'll need
  • 120 pages of unique illustrations
  • Serves as a way to document your own journey and even share it with friends and family
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Baltinester – Authentic and fine Judaica and Jewelry

Baltinester Jewlry and Judaica (Photo courtesy of Baltinester).

Buying a great piece of jewelry from local artisans is always a great way to commemorate your trip. However, if you're visiting Jerusalem, there's only one place picking your meaningful masterpiece – and that is the Baltinester Studio, a genuine Hallmark on Jaffa Street, managed by the Baltinester Brothers since 1949. It is known for driving the trend of name necklaces at the 80s, and it is a gem of a family business that is almost old as the State of Israel itself. Buying a gift from a store with a history this rich will add to the value of the purchase, whether it's a souvenir for yourself or a meaningful gift to someone you love.

Where? 31 Yafo St, Jerusalem

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Avi Luvaton Gallery

Avi Luvaton Gallety (Photo courtesy of Avi Luvaton).

The Mamilla Mall is a spectacular experience in its all right – an exquisite shopping fantasy where the shops are engraved in ancient-looking stone buildings, and you're cruising among them on a picturesque promenade. Also, if you want to buy something beautiful and memorable to cherish this day, the Avi Luvaton Gallery is the place to visit.

Combining traditional Jewish artistry with modern chic, this gallery offers one-of-a-kind pieces as a fantastic memory for great times spent in the Holy Land.

Where? 16 Shlomo ha-Melekh Street, Jerusalem

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Love is in the air at the AHAVA souvenir store

AHAVA Souvenir Store (Photo: Alex Yampolsky).

AHAVA is a known Israeli brand that has made a name for itself thanks to the Dead Sea minerals in their cosmetics. Ever since it was one of the ambassadors of Israel all around the world. The souvenir store at Jaffa street, near the entrance to the Old City and the Mamilla mall – is just an extension of the brand's venture to spread the Jewish culture and essence all around the world. In this distinguished store, you'll find only unique items with verification of authenticity – jewelry, Judaica, silverware, Jewish artwork, and much more. Each piece is one of a kind and who knows? Maybe your perfect gift for your loved one or yourself awaits you here!

Where? 12 Mamilla Str. Jerusalem

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Nocturno's Designer District

Nocturno's First Floor (Photo: Alex Yampolsky).

True fashion and design lovers can find real inspiration at Nocturno's Design complex, a long-standing home for everything from anything meaningful, to uplifting, and beautiful. The open space showcases the great works of various fashion designers.

What's a better memory from a breathtaking city than a local designer's bag, blouse, or a piece of jewelry (or all of them, for that matter)?

While shopping for souvenirs here, you may as well enjoy the unique atmosphere and cultural richness offered by local artists' performances, workshops, and lectures. Great shopping with amazing experiences equals unforgettable memories.

Where? 7 Betzalel St, Jerusalem

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