Cycling in Jerusalem

Cycling in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Loren Minsky

When wondering what to do in Jerusalem, you might do well to consider cycling solo or with a tour around the city.

While it's true that Jerusalem is much hillier than its coastal counterpart Tel Aviv, where cycling is a way of life, cycling in Jerusalem is quite doable if you stick to the flatter, more central routes. And for those who prefer to take it easy can look at the option of renting an electric bike. Overall, there are many places that rent bicycles, and some companies will even deliver to your hotel.

The advantages of cycling around Jerusalem are numerous, and since Jerusalem was never planned properly there are networks of shortcuts and bi-ways that you can only really experience on a bike. This makes cycling a great way to see the city from a different perspective and to cover lots of ground that you wouldn’t be able to on foot. You also get to avoid traffic and parking issues.

Bicycle paths in Jerusalem

If you’re looking for a dedicated bicycle path in Jerusalem, there is one that leads from Sacher Park in the direction of Herzog Road and another on Harakevet Road in the suburb of Baka. There is also a bicycle trail in the Jerusalem Metropolitan Park on the outskirts of the city.

Bicycle tours in Jerusalem

Many tourists choose to go on an organized bicycle tour. Leading bicycle company Gordon Tours offers a twice-weekly tour of Jerusalem on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as well as a special night-time tour of the Old City. The tours are a great activity for families on vacation in Jerusalem with tandem and children’s bikes available upon request in advance. Visitors may also enjoy seeing the city on a scooter, which costs around 120 ILS to rent (or less if you rent for multiple days).

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Annual Jerusalem cycling event

Professional cyclists and the general public are both invited to take part in an annual cycling event in Jerusalem during Green Weekend in the Spring. The 40km or 20km ride takes place on a beautiful bicycle path that is being built in Jerusalem Park to celebrate the city, its unique landscape and the open spaces around it. Proceeds go to Alyn Hospital, which focuses on pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation.