Dinner and a Movie at Cinema City Jerusalem

Dinner and a Movie at Cinema City Jerusalem

autor iconBy Spencer Ho , July 26, 2023

Whether you’re a family, group or couple dinner and a movie are a classic, timeless combo, and Cinema City Jerusalem makes the experience uber convenient and enjoyable with a great selection of restaurants in the complex as well as an in-house dinner-movie package.

Check out the top pre-movie dining destinations:


צילום: אלכס ימפולסקי Photography: Alex Yampolsk

t is a truth universally acknowledged that sushi is the best food to eat before going to the movies. It's light, it's elegant, and it's high in omega-3. Known for its kosher and high-quality Asian & Japanese cuisine, Japanika is one of the most popular and recommended restaurants in the Cinema City complex in Jerusalem. The menu includes fresh fish, which are delivered daily to the restaurant, fresh vegetables and great rice. You'll also find soups, wok-based dishes, a variety of main courses (including business lunches), and of course, sushi. Japanika has a variety of special rolls and combination platters that will satisfy your taste buds. 

Need a quick recommendation? Go for the Japaniko – Futomaki, served hot and crispy in teriyaki sauce. The place has a family-friendly atmosphere during the daytime and it gets a bit more barlike as the night progresses.

Cafe Greg

Photo: Cafe Greg Photo: Cafe Greg

 While best known for its lavish breakfasts, Cafe Gregg is a fine choice at any time of day with a palate-pleasing menu featuring Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired pastas, fish dishes and sandwiches, as well as a few Asian-inspired treats. Of course, you don’t have to let the time of day get in your way if you’re in the mood for one of Cafe Greg’s signature breakfasts that take their cue from Spain, Scandinavia, Mexico and, of course, Israel There’s even a special menu for vegans.

King George

Photo: King George Restaurant Photo: King George Restaurant

Sporting more of a bar atmosphere than our previous entries on this list, King George serves what you might call a international bistro-style menu featuring a selection of meat-centric starters, pastas and main courses alongside a few fish dishes, salads and desserts. The prices are certainly fair, ranging from 35 NIS for pastas and 40 NIS for salads, skewers and sandwiches to 70 NIS for steaks, fish fillets and similar dishes. The alcohol prices are also a pleasant surprise with glasses of wine starting at 18 NIS, bottles at 68 NIS and cocktails at 30 NIS.

Cinema City VIP

If you’re looking for adults-only fun, then you might want to think about skipping the thrills and cutting to the chase with the Cinema City VIP package, which includes choice luxury seating, all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet dinner before the movie and popcorn and snacks to take in.

The food isn’t exactly 5-star cuisine, but the beer and wine flows freely and it’s restricted to 18 and over, so you won’t have to endure screaming children while you load up of food and drink before the movie.

Cinema City, 10 Yitzhak Rabin Boulevard, Jerusalem