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Israel Visas & Consulates

There is no direct entry to Jerusalem internationally; rather, one enters by plane to Israel via Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv Airport) or Ovda Airport (Eilat Airport), on land via Egypt or Jordan, or via ship at Eilat, Haifa, or Ashdod.

Below we detail some information for you to plan your border entries and exits for Israel. We’ve also included information on the consulates for further assistance.

Passports and Visas

To enter Israel it is necessary to have a passport valid for at least six months from the date in which you plan to leave Israel.

Depending on your passport, you might need a visa for Israel issued before you travel. Therefore, you must verify whether you need a visa before departure from your originating country. Citizens from many countries will receive a free tourist entry visa valid for three months. Even if your travel agent suggests you do or do not need a visa, it’s best to verify by checking the Israel Interior Ministry list for the most updated information.

Whatever your type of visa, its duration may be extended for a fee at one of the offices of the Ministry of Interior in Israel. Visitor, student, clergy, or work visas can usually be extended for a certain number of times, or by exiting and re-entering the country.

It is important to keep in mind that an Israeli visa or stamp on your passport may limit your ability to travel to some Arab countries. For this reason, at the entrance to Israel you can request that the visa is stamped into a separate sheet of paper attached to your passport.

If you plan to visit the Palestinian territories, remember that you will have to cross a few checkpoints and border crossings. It is therefore advisable to bring your passport.

Contact Details

Ministry of Interior
Phone: +972-2-629-4666
Opening hours: Sun, Tues & Thurs: 8:00 – 4:00; Mon & Wed: 8:00 – 6:00 Fri/Sat: Closed

Foreign Consulates in Jerusalem

If you need assistance from your home country, or would like to enter into another foreign country, you can access its consulate.

While most countries have their embassies in Tel Aviv, many maintain fully functional consulates in Jerusalem.

Below are some consulates’ contact information for those with offices in Jerusalem.

American Consulate
Phone: +972-2-622-7230
Address: 18 Agron Rd

Armenian Consulate
Phone: +972-2-583-3053
Address: 1 Vitron St, Industrial Zone Atolot

Australian Consulate
Phone: +972-2-649-0649
Address: Technology Park, Manahat Building 1

Belgian Consulate
Phone: +972-2-582-8263
Address: 5 Biber St, Sheikh Jarrah

British Consulate
Phone: +972-2-541-4100
Address: 19 Nashashibi St, Sheikh Jarrah

Croatian Consulate
Phone: +972-77-777-9277
Address: Shaarei Ha’ir Building, 216 Yafo Rd, 5th floor

Czech Consulate
Phone: +972-2-566-6127
Address: 27 29 November Rd, Apt. 4

Danish Consulate
Phone: +972-2-560-7607
Address: 1 Agudat Sport Hapo’el Rd, Technological Gardens, Building 1, Entrance Gimmel

Dutch Consulate
Phone: +972-2-537-2991
Address: Sha’arei Ha’ir, 216 Yafo Rd, 5th floor

Consulate of Finland
Phone: +972-2-623-4258
Address: 19 King David St

French Consulate
Phone: +972-2-262-9850
Address: 5 Rue Paul Emile Botta Rd

Greek Consulate
Phone: +972-2-561-9583
Address: 31 Rachel Immenu Rd

Consulate of Guyana
Phone: +972-2-643-0344
Address: Ein-Karem B-200, 95744

Italian Consulate
Phone: 00972 2 5618966 Fax 00972 2 5618944
Address: 16 Katamon, Kaf Tet Benovember St

Consulate of Nicaragua
Phone: +972-2-625-6997
Address: 3 Eliel Dros St

Consulate of San Marino
Phone: +972-3-957-6575
Address: 49 Aeshel St

Spanish Consulate
Phone: +972-2-563-3473
Address: 53 Ramban St

Swedish Consulate
Phone: +972-2-582-8212
Address: 58 Nablus Rd, Sheikh Jarrah

Turkish Consulate
Phone: +972-2-532-1087
Address: 20 Nashashibi St, Sheikh Jarrah