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Hostels International Israel (HI)

Looking to experience something different? IYHA, the Israel Youth Hostels Association, invites you to enjoy top quality, affordable accommodations in Israel’s most attractive locations.

IYHA’s long standing hostels are spread from Tel Hai to Eilat and they offer excellent sleeping accommodations in a young and refreshing setting.

Enjoy recently renovated hostels that offer a rich breakfast included in the price, free WiFi and parking based on availability.

Some of the IYHA hostels offer sport facilities like basketball courts and swimming pools.

For Nature Lovers

IYHA hostels are situated adjacent to many of Israel’s beautiful nature reserves, in the center of the most travelled cities and near many unique points of interest. For example, you’ll get to tour Jerusalem, to party all night in Tel Aviv, to relax at the Dead Sea and to go diving in Eilat.

The nature reserves next to the IYHA hostels include: Ein Gedi in the south, the Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat, Mount Meron, Hanita in the western Galilee, Rosh Hanikra on the northern border, Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights and the Banias located at the foot of Mount Hermon.

The staff are happy to assist travelers with directions, handing out pamphlets and recommending attractions.

For Partiers

IYHA offers hostels in central urban locations such as Tel Aviv with easy access to the party areas of the Tel Aviv port, IYHA Agron and Rabin in Jerusalem which are walking distance from the city’s main hang out areas and the Eilat Hostel which allows easy access to the tourist areas and hang outs.

You’ll be able to return by foot to any of these hostels even very late at night.

For Athletes

Some of the IYHA hostels offer sport facilities such as basketball courts, pools and outdoor fitness machines.

IYHA’s Hostels in Jerusalem

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