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iTravelJerusalem Editor’s Pick

Jerusalem is full of unique shops, restaurants, bars and events that collectively help make this city a special place. Our editor’s pick series will shine a light on some the people behind these places and their stories, while also cuing you in on some of the best places to get a meal, pamper yourself, find a deal, buy a special gift and much more.

Jerusalem Spotlight

Wine in the City: Mantra

mantra (2)During daylight hours, Mantra is a chilled out restaurant and wine bar, perfect for a relaxing meal and a glass or two of wine. As the night wears on, though, the door to the restaurant seating area closes, the lights dim and the barman turns up the music as the bar switches to party mode. Once this happens, it’s not uncommon to see a patron or two jump up on the bar and start dancing.

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Uniquely Jerusalem Jewelry: Ophir

Abraham and Joseph Lor Photo: Barry KaplanNestled inside a building near Zion Square on Jaffa Street, you’ll find the custom jewelry shop “Ophir.” The shop is named for the famously wealthy biblical region of Israel, where King Solomon received a cargo of gold, silver, sandalwood, pearls, ivory, apes and peacocks  every three years.

Owner Abraham Lor, now 83, is a 7th generation Israeli born to in Jerusalem.  His father was one of the first jewelry-making students at the Bezalel Art School, and when he first opened his shop…

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One-of-a-Kind Gifts: Charlott

Tucked away on Coresh Street in downtown Jerusalem, you can find Charlott, the oldest gift shop in the city and home to a vast array of antique and locally made unique items.

“People say it’s like a museum, only you can touch things,” says owner Noga Eshed with pride.

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Business Lunch Bargain: Meat & Eat

lechem bassar (12)The business lunch special at Meat & Eat runs from 12:00-5:00 pm Sunday-Friday and has options for just about every budget, each including an appetizer and a side. The overall discount rounds out to about 25%.

“I want anybody to be able to eat here,” says Meat & Eat co-owner, Benny Ashkenazi. “Even if they only have 79 shekels, they can eat and be full.”

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Jewelry, Art and Judaica: Avi Luvaton

Photo: Barry KaplanWhen you walk through the doors of the Avi Luvaton Gallery in the 5-star David Citadel Hotel on King David Street and see the stunning displays of exquisite and unique Judaica, jewelry and textiles, it can be a breathtaking experience. For Luvaton, it’s his life’s work.

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Baked Goods and Community: Muffin Boutique

Muffin Boutique4When the unmistakable urge for a snack arises, what more could you ask for than healthy “muffins made with love?”

“We are a nice place with a focus on the health,” says Muffin boutique owner Shmarya Richler. “My wife wouldn’t serve anything here that she wouldn’t serve to our [5] children.”

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Finer Things: R.Deli Delicatessen & Wine Bar

Delicatessen-r.deli-5As great as local fare can be, especially in Israel, those who enjoy the finer things in life know that you have to branch out.

Rani Daas had this concept in mind when he brought R.Deli Delicatessen & Wine Bar to downtown Jerusalem in November 2015 after 4 years in the liquor business at R&R Wine & Spirits. That’s why you’ll find imported and imported goods, cheese and meat and wine and gin.

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Work from the Road: Tmol Shilshom Hub

tmol shilshom (1)In the “Digital Age” we live in today, there’s a decent chance that even if you’re in Jerusalem for pleasure, you might need some warm and friendly confines to set up your laptop and get some work done. With the opening of “The Hub” at the legendary Tmol Shilshom, you finally have an official address to go to.

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