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Jerusalem Fine Art Prints

Jerusalem Fine Art Prints (JFAP) is Jerusalem’s premier studio dedicated to the art of the 3,000-years history of Judaism, Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem, all that with an eye on technological innovation. Specializing in digital imaging, art reproduction, fine art prints, BookArts and laser cutting, JFAP offers culture and history lovers the opportunity to meet some of Jerusalem’s most renowned artists who gained international fame by depicting the life, faith and art of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, with unmatched techniques and forms. The artists’ works stem from their passion for Judaism and Jerusalem as experienced from the inside.

JFAP studio is one of the leading BookArt studios in the world. In contrast to other books that deal with art, artist books are themselves objects of art and are part of a long-standing tradition. Artist books often contain either original art or a high-quality reproductions made on a standard that is acceptable to any museum or art collector. At times, the artist will take a classical book and work with its content as an interpreter, a responder or an illuminator.

Many of the studio’s artists have chosen this genre to artistically explore books such as The Book of Jonah, Ecclesiastes, The Book of Ruth, the Passover Haggadah and the Bible, among others. The studio sees it as a privilege to work with these artists and they take pride in the fact that they have participated in the creation of many books that can be found in major art collections and museums, and some of the largest and most prominent national archives in the world as well as in the studio itself.

JFAP studio is consistently developing special projects with local and international organizations in an effort to spread their love for the art of the Holy City, and to help raise awareness, funds and donations for special causes.

Recently the studio was commissioned by the Israel Antiquities Authority, to lead the professional side of the Dead Sea Spectral Imaging Project, and to publish, for the first time ever, a collection of Museum Quality Prints, including Infra-Red images and translated texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, all authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority

Tours of the Studio

Tours are hosted by Ram Glick, who is known by his peers and followers as an art guru. Throughout the past 20 years, as a consultant, representative, adviser and lecturer, Ram has helped connect thousands of art lovers and art collectors with some of the most famous artists in Israel and the world, specializing in masters such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Chagall and Miro as well as contemporary artists, such as Peter Max, Britto and Israel’s Agam, Tarkay and others.

Ram’s mission is to empower history enthusiasts and art lovers and collectors about the pure joy found in understanding and following Jerusalem’s art scenes, via social events, art lectures, studios visits and art exhibits.

These informative evening tours provide art lovers and collectors the unique opportunity to visit our studio as well as the private studios of several of Jerusalem’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed artists, whose collectors include the Vatican, major international museums, corporations, the Library of Congress, major hotels and private collectors worldwide.

Each tour will include a meet and greet with one of our artists and an inside look of the artist’s private collection and a first-hand look at the artists’ works in process.

AddressJerusalem Publishing Atelier Ltd., 2 Hasadna Street, Jerusalem