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Luxury Judaica, Art and Jewelry: Meet the Artist Avi Luvaton

When you walk through the doors of the Avi Luvaton Gallery in the 5-star David Citadel Hotel on King David Street and see the stunning displays of exquisite and unique Judaica, jewelry and textiles, it is a breathtaking experience. For Luvaton, it’s his life’s work.


“Art has been a life-long adventure,” says the 54-year-old Jerusalemite designer. “Since I was a child, I used to do sketches, drawing, and painting. I was the one they asked when doing art in school.”

Luvaton started in the 1980’s with a small studio in the art-rich Old Jaffa, 20 years ago, he opened his first gallery in Jerusalem at the David Citadel Hotel and 10 years ago, he opened his second gallery across the street in Mamilla Mall. This is the most popular shopping area for well-to-do tourists and locals in search of something uniquely Israeli and Jewish that they can’t find anywhere else.


“My customers are looking for something special,” he says. “Some are collectors; others are looking for high-end pieces”.

“We are well known in north America and Europe. ,” he says. “Jewelry is something I enjoy, but my passion is Judaica”.

The fact is evident in his studio in The Artists’ Colony – Chutzot Hayotser, below the Old City walls, where he and his team make textiles such as Ttalitoth, Torah cases, silver and glass work among other. The collections reflect his personal evolution in design, color, and style, using different and innovative materials.


“I am working with a master in Venice because glass fascinates me,” he says of his latest predilection, “and following a special request from a friend I’ve discovered the fascinating world of Carbon Fiber – a hard and light material yet very flexible in module stages – with which I create a unique line of Torah Cases Life is short, art is infinite.”