Mamilla's Best Restaurants with a View

Mamilla's Best Restaurants with a View

autor iconBy David Todva

When you’re dining out in a city as picturesque as Jerusalem, it pays to put as much weight on the views as you do the food. You won’t find an area with a greater concentration of restaurants with amazing views than Mamilla, situated adjacent to the beautiful Old City walls, Mishkenot Shaananim neighborhood and downtown Jerusalem.

Top 3 Mamilla Dining Experiences with a View

Rooftop (Mamilla Hotel)

צילום: מסעדת רופטופ Photo courtesy of the Rooftop restaurant 

You can’t talk about Jerusalem views without mentioning the Rooftop restaurant at the 5-star Mamilla Hotel. There may be no better place in the city to sip on a glass of wine or a cocktail and enjoy the fresh air with a view from on high of the Old City walls, Jaffa Gate, Dormition Abbey and the sprawling city. Rooftop is a casual dining experience with fine dining-level kosher Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fusion cuisine. 

11 Shlomo Hamelech Rd, Jerusalem


Photo courtesy of Kedma restaurant

While physically a bit lower than rooftop, the view from Kedma is beautiful in its own right, as you’re almost right on the plaza leading to Jaffa Gate. Along with an incredible eastward view of the Old City walls and Jerusalem, Kedma also boasts the gorgeous interior of a 110-year-old architectural gem that’s been renovated and decorated to embody the “old meets new” character of Jerusalem. As for the food, Kedma is a kosher meat brasserie known best for their delectable corned beef and brisket sandwiches, steak and special house Jerusalem Mixed Grill with lamb, entrecote, chicken and veal grilled and mixed with eggplant and tehina. Mamila Avenue, 3rd floor, Jerusalem


Photo courtesy of Luciana restaurant 

The Italian Luciana has one of the most unique interior decoration concepts of all of Jerusalem’s restaurants. The dining room is designed to look like an Italian piazza with fall trees, a gazebo, stone floors that look like a brick garden walking path and even foliage on the ceiling. If you can manage to get a table by the window with a stunning view of the Old City walls, the atmosphere is extra special. The food at Luciana is pretty typical Italian with a kosher dairy menu that features pastas, pizzas and fish dishes prominently. 8 Mamilla Ave, Jerusalem Author Bio: David Todva

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