Plan a Private Event/Conference in Jerusalem's Hotels

Plan a Private Event/Conference in Jerusalem's Hotels

autor iconBy Hadas Gershovitz

At least once during our lifetime, most of us would have to face the complex task of hosting an event. Whether it is a private or a business event, a wedding or a conference, the most important part is choosing the right venue that will meet our needs and requests, in terms of service, food, atmosphere, equipment, and even accommodation. We've handpicked 12 hotels which are perfect for hosting private and business events in Jerusalem and that will guarantee that your event will run smoothly and create a maximum impact.

Hotels for Private Events

Mamilla Hotel

Photo Courtesy of the Mamilla Hotel

Mamilla Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Jerusalem, offering you a chance to celebrate a fairy tale-like event with a skilled and professional team that will make all your dreams come true, from start to finish of your special day. Dine with gourmet food, fine dishes made from fresh and high-quality ingredients, rich spices, homemade pastries, and a rich drinks bar, featuring Israeli boutique wines, and enjoy the highest standard of service. The design of the hall can also be modified with the help of the production and design team who will create a perfect setting and provide you with the most advanced technical equipment. The hotel is located just a short walk from the Western Wall, making it perfect for Bar Mitzvah and Shabbat Chatan events, but not limited to them. Thanks to its prime location and warm Jerusalem atmosphere, the joy and excitement will sparkle in the air long before the event even begins. Mamilla Hotel is suitable for all types of private and business events: Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, weddings, birthdays, Brits, corporate events, conferences, lectures, and more. Events are possible in numerous complexes to choose from:

  • Rooftop restaurant - up to 180 people
  • Happy Fish restaurant - up to 350 people
  • The Ballroom - up to 250 people
  • ABC Venues - up to 120 people
  • Mirror Bar - suitable for up to 150 people standing
  • Auditorium - up to 140 people
  • Sun Deck - up to 200 people at a standing cocktail event
  • Patio - up to 70 people

Good to Know

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 350 guests.
  • Meal reversal: There is an option for meal reversal by appointment
  • A synagogue: is available by the hotel.

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David Citadel Hotel

Events at the Citadel of David Hotel Photo: Courtesy of David Citadel Hotel 

Would you like to host your event at one of Jerusalem's hottest locales? Celebrate your special occasion at the David Citadel Hotel by the Old City! Get immersed in an atmosphere of luxury, breathtaking views, and personal assistance through every stage of planning the celebration. The David Citadel Hotel is located between the Old City and the New, close to the holy sites in Jerusalem. It’s easily accessible with parking available nearby. The complexes and event spaces of the David Citadel Hotel are suited for celebrations in every season. It offers a modular hall, complexes for small events of 20-60 guests, and up to events and conferences of 500 guests. You can celebrate any occasion at the David Citadel Hotel: Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, Brit, private dinners, launch events, and professional conferences or business meetings in smaller groups. At the hands of David Citadel Hotel staff your event will be impeccable, and all you have to do - is to enjoy the moment and be around the people you care about. Good To Know

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 500 guests.
  • Meal reversal: There is an option for meal reversal by appointment.
  • A synagogue: will be waiting for you near the hotel.

Eldan Hotel

Photo courtesy of the Eldan Hotel

The Eldan Hotel is an authentic boutique hotel located in the heart of Jerusalem, on King David Street. It is close to the Old City and the city's main attractions and centers of interest – making the hotel perfect for any kind of private event or celebration. The Eldan Hotel boasts a boutique atmosphere and offers the organization of all kinds of events: Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, Brits, and all types of joys. The hotel can host numerous guests in plenty of rooms, making the stay as pleasant as the event itself. The hotel's proximity to the Old City is great for bar mitzvah celebrations or a family trip with an added religious value. There’s a synagogue next to the hotel, and a variety of dining options for events, including any additional equipment you may require. A variety of hotel facilities will help guests to relax and enjoy themselves immensely. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 80 guests.
  • Meal reversal: optional upon prior arrangement.
  • A synagogue: is available in close proximity.

Prima Kings Hotel


The Prima Kings Hotel stands out thanks to its warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The uniqueness of Jerusalem is reflected in almost every detail of the hotel. The hotel is located in a central area, in the heart of the Rehavia neighborhood on King George Street, within walking distance of Mamilla Avenue. At Prima Kings Hotel you’ll enjoy truly royal hospitality and host events of all kinds and in the style of your choosing. The hotel has a rich alcohol bar, large shared spaces, and spacious halls of various sizes. You can always count on Prima Kings' professional, courteous and warm staff to organize your event to perfection. Good to Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 100 guests.
  • Kashrut: Glatt Kosher under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate
  • Reversed Meals: There is an option for meal reversal upon prior request.
  • Synagogue: If arranged beforehand, prayers can be held in the synagogue of the hotel, suitable for up to 100 people. In addition, the hotel is close to the Great Synagogue.

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Bell Hotel

צילום: מלון פעמונים Photo: Courtesy of Bell Hotel 

The stylish Bell Hotel is an aparthotel in Downtown Jerusalem, overlooking the stunning vistas of the Old City. Its central location grants proximity to the city's main shopping areas and must-see sites, such as Alrov Mamilla Avenue, Jaffa Street and Machane Yehuda Market. The hotel specializes in hosting family occasions, such as "seven blessings", weddings, brit milah, engagement parties, and Shabbat Chatan. The hotel helps in organizing and planning the event and offers accommodation packages for the guests. The event space offered by the hotel can fit up to 100 guests and the food that is being served is kosher Badatz Mehadrin with supervision by Jerusalem Rabbinate. Among the facilities provided for your event, you'll find projectors for video clips and presentations, a new sound system, and a microphone. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 100 guests.
  • Kashrut: Badatz Mehadrin with supervision by Jerusalem Rabbinate.
  • Reverse meals: optional.
  • Synagogue: adjacent to the hotel.

Special Services:

  • Video & presentation screenings
  • Sound System & microphone

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Alegra Hotel

צילום: מלון אלגרה Photo: Courtesy of Alegra Hotel

Looking to host your friends and family in a truly magical place that would make your event absolutely unforgettable? Located in the serene neighborhood of Ein Karem in Jerusalem, Alegra Boutique Hotel offers the highest level of accommodation and features unique venues for private events. Host your event in the hotel's beautiful garden or on its wide terrace overlooking the views of the Jerusalem Mountains. You can also host the event indoors, at the hotel's luxurious restaurant. Alegra Hotel hosts private events of up to 80 guests and offers varied menus, advanced technical equipment and everything you might need for hosting a successful event. If you're staying at the hotel, you can also choose one of its gorgeous suites or rooms and enjoy a perfect rural vacation. The staff at Alegra will take care of your needs and requests and will help make your dreams a reality. Good to Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 80 guests
  • Kashrut: the hotel's products are kosher. However, there is no kashrut certificate. There is an option of ordering kosher catering services or a third-party kashrut supervisor. Discuss in advance.
  • Reversed Meals: Optional. Discuss in advance.
  • Synagogue: Book the Ein Karen synagogue. Discuss with hotel in advance.

Special Services:

  • Private events at the hotel's garden or on the terrace.

Hotel Ibis Jerusalem City Center

צילום: מלון איביס Photo: Courtesy of Ibis Hotel

Ibis Hotel is a new boutique hotel at the center of Jerusalem, located within walking distance from the Old City and the Western Wall, Ben Yehuda Street, and the city's leading restaurants. The hotel offers a truly pampering hosting experience, with soundproof rooms and blackout curtains that will ensure you get all the sleep you need. The hotel can host up to 100 guests in comfortable and fully-equipped guestrooms. Perfect for Shabbat Chatan and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 100 guests.
  • Kashrut: Dairy kosher (fish are optional) - supervision by Jerusalem Rabbinate.
  • Reverse meals: optional.
  • Synagogue: The hotel has a synagogue and a Torah book.

Special Services:

  • Soundproof guestrooms. 
  • Blackout curtains in the rooms. 

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Ramat Rachel Hotel

צילום: מלון רמת רחל Photo: Courtesy of Ramat Rachel Hotel 

Just a short drive from the city, in Kibutz Ramat Rachel, you'll find Ramat Rachel Hotel, overlooking the spectacular views of the Judaean Mountains. This is one of the greatest spots for a private event. The hotel has 4 indoor banquet halls, a garden terrace, and even a camping area. The hotel is perfect for celebrating special occasions of all types: brit, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays, and receptions of up to 800 guests. The guestrooms at the hotel are suitable for family accommodation (up to 2 adults + 4 kids) so that guests (and hosts) can stay at the hotel after the event and enjoy a relaxing family vacation. The hotel's staff is very kind and would support you with everything that you might need. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 800 guests.
  • Kashrut: Meat & Dairy - Supervision by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Poultry - Mehadrin kosher with the supervision of Rabbi Orbach and Rabbi Shlush.
  • Reverse meals: optional.
  • Synagogue: the hotel has a prayer room.

Special Services:

  • Garden venue
  • Camping area with outdoor lodging options.
  • Barbecue

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Hotels for Conferences & Business Events

Ye'arim Hotel - Jerusalem Hills

צילום: מלון יערים Photo: Courtesy of Ye'arim Hotel 

Located on top one of Jerusalem Hills, Yearim Hotel is situated in a green and peaceful area. The peacefulness and remoteness of this place create the perfect recipe for business events and gatherings, such as meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and product launches. The events can vary in size and reach to as many as 450 participants. The hotel has no less than 15 spaces in different shapes and sizes, designed to host  professional events in particular. All rooms and venues include an advanced sound system, microphone, large screen, and a projector. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 450 guests.

Special Services:

  • Advanced sound systems. 
  • Microphone. 
  • Large Screen. 
  • Projector.

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Ramat Rachel Hotel

צילום: מלון רמת רחל Photo: Courtesy of Ramat Rachel 

Hotel With no less than 15 fully-equipped event spaces and meeting rooms in various shapes and sizes, Ramat Rachel hotel offers plenty of facilities to accommodate business events of all types. The hotel specializes in hosting discussion evenings, conferences, and professional gatherings of up to 270 guests. You'll find plenty of design options and seating arrangements. If you're planning a large-scale event, the hotel offers its large auditorium, which includes advanced audiovisual and lighting system and a large stage. There is an adjacent lobby and a terrace where you can host a buffet style reception. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 270 guests.

Special Services:

  • Sound system
  • Flip chart
  • Dry-erase whiteboard
  • Projector

Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva Hotel

Bat Sheva Hotel Restaurant (Photo courtesy: Bat Sheva Boutique Hotel Jerusalem)

Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva Hotel is a boutique hotel in the center of Jerusalem, which also has an amazing rooftop with panoramic views of Jerusalem. Located within a walking distance from the city’s major attractions and entertainment districts, the hotel hosts international conferences and seminars for small-medium scale events for to 80 guests. If you’re planning a very exclusive event, the hotel offers a VIP lounge, located on its 9th floor. Good To Know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 70 guests in banquet style with round tables and up to 80 in theatre style setup.

Special Services:

  • Advanced audiovisual equipment. 
  • Business lounge. 

Isrotel Orient Hotel

Photo: Isrotel Orient Hotel Jerusalem

 The Orient Hotel was already mentioned regarding private events, and it is certainly worth to be noted as a place that is perfectly suitable for producing professional conferences as well. You’ll find a variety of spaces for conferences, launch events, and corporate events of all kinds - halls, a wide lobby, conference rooms, and lecture halls. The Orient Hotel offers advanced audio-visual equipment you may need, as well as catering and parking solutions. Are you planning a conference or corporate event? Feel free to contact the hotel’s staff in advance, get guidance and consult and start planning everything beforehand, taking into account all of the offered options - from flower arrangement to a special design of the space, to choosing a dress code for the hotel staff. With Orient - anything is possible. Good to know:

  • Maximum Occupancy: up to 799 guests.
  • Advanced and professional equipment is offered for all kinds of events and conferences.
  • Spacious parking nearby.

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