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Restaurants at the First Station

The First Station is one of the hippest and most vibrant hangouts in Jerusalem — a center of leisure, culture, sports, tourism and events.

But maybe most importantly, Jerusalem’s renovated old train station is brimming with restaurants, cafes, drink bars and other culinary opportunities.

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Where to Eat at the First Station

Lechem Basar (Meat and Eat)

Courtesy of Lechem Basar Restaurant

Courtesy of Lechem Basar Restaurant

Lechem Basar has dedicated its culinary efforts to 2 staples of delicious dining — quality meat and fresh-baked bread — and delivering a top-notch, kosher mehadrin culinary experience at reasonable price.

On the menu, you’ll find a variety of steaks, hamburgers and a selection of different types of meat and chicken. And of course, you’ll want to pair them with a fresh-baked focaccia straight out of the stone oven and maybe a quinoa or chicken salad, stuffed vegetables, pastries stuffed with lamb, meat carpaccio or corvina fish ceviche.

In addition, their lunch deal is one of the best in town with an appetizer and a main course with your choice of sides starting at 79 NIS. You can also add a glass of wine for 18 NIS and a dessert for just 28 NIS.

Kashrut: Mehadrin Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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Station 9


Photo: Courtesy of Station 9 Restaurant

One of the more exciting additions to the First Station’s repertoire, Station 9 is where Jerusalemites go to get their Asian cuisine fix.

The creative (and kosher) Asian fusion eatery combines the traditional dishes and flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and more with influences from the Israeli and Middle Eastern kitchen.

Their take on the the Taiwanese Bao — a fresh steamed bun with chipotle aioli, cilantro and chili with your choice of peking duck, fish, ground beef patty or spare ribs — is a must-taste. The cocktails aren’t half bad either!

The atmosphere is definitely family friendly, but on Thursday nights it’s trendy and youthful with a DJ and drink specials throughout the night.

Kashrut: Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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Adom Restaurant


Photo: Courtesy of Adom Restaurant

Adom is a veteran Jerusalem culinary institution and fusion restaurant, specializing in sea food and fresh fish, Italian and French dishes, and a rich selection of fine wines. Established in 2001 in the historic Feingold Courtyard, the restaurant has since become a well-known name. The restaurant is part of the Adom group, which also includes the Colony Restaurant, Lavan at the Cinematheque, and Little Italy.

Kashrut: Non Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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The Fresh Kitchen


Photo: By Mosh Hezkialevitz

Fresh Kitchen is a chain of cafes based on modern cuisine, combining lifestyle, health and freshness. The chain was established to meet the needs of those looking for tasty, fresh, refreshing and healthy food, made mainly from local ingredients and exclusive fusions.

The rich menu offers a wide variety of tempting, balanced meals: indulgent breakfasts, fresh pasta dishes, exclusive salads, sandwiches in bread made with all-natural ingredients, hot dishes, and a large range of desserts from a boutique patisserie.

Fresh Kitchen also serves excellent organic coffee from selected coffee blends, fresh, refreshing shakes, and freshly squeezed juices.

Kashrut: Kosher Dairy Mehadrin Jerusalem
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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Landwer Café

צילום: מוש חזקיאלביץ

Photo: By Mosh Hezkialevitz

The Landwer Cafe chain now has 20 branches around the country, continuing a long tradition of a love of coffee and fresh roasted coffee beans.

Landwer at the First Station lives and breathes the original spirit of the classic café, in a contemporary Israeli package.

The menu serves continental and Mediterranean cuisine, suited to the season and inspired by the world’s most respected culinary traditions. At any time of day, come and enjoy anything from a light sandwich in the morning, a hot, satisfying midday meal or a snack in the evening alongside a quality beer.

Since its early days, the chain’s kitchen has been overseen by Chef Shachar Barnea, who specializes in Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, and his touch is apparent in every dish.

Kashrut: Non Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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There’s nothing quite like fresh-baked pizza and fresh pasta, and Fiori is the place to find them at the First Station.

Fiori only uses the freshest ingredients to ensure that every dish is bursting with flavor — the vegetables come straight from the market, and the pastas, ravioli, pizza dough and sauces are all made daily.

Kashrut: Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

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Vaniglia ice cream parlor

Once upon a time Rugzinsky brothers, Nitzan and Itai, were just a couple of guys making their own ice cream in a small shop. These days, Vaniglia is an immensely popular chain of ice cream parlors and an institution for Israeli ice cream lovers far and wide.

Vaniglia prides itself on excellent ingredients, products, and service, putting considerable effort into creating unique, first-rate ice creams.

All of their ice cream is made with fresh milk and cream, vanilla pods from Madagascar and Tahiti, cocoa from Valrhona, hazelnuts from Piemonte and pistachios from Sicily, fresh, ripe fruit from Israel, and pastries baked on the spot that are incorporated in the ice cream together with unique seasonings, herbs and flowers.

Kashrut: Non-Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem


re:bar offers a wide variety of specially blended drinks and healthy, filling meal alternatives. The menu includes shakes based on whipped low-fat yogurt with fruit and nutritional supplements, smoothies made with fruit sorbet, fresh juices, and yogurt dishes with healthy toppings.

Kashrut: Kosher
Where: 4 David Remez St., Jerusalem

The First Station – More Details:

Open: 24/7
Parking: Plenty of parking space for cars and bicycles at the paid parking lot.
Free parking lot across from the Liberty Bell Park.

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