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Shavuot 2022 in Jerusalem

Shavuot 2022 in Jerusalem will take place in May 16-17. We will update the new events as they become available. Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s events.

The Shavuot holiday celebrates the Receiving of the Torah by the people of Israel. It is an excellent opportunity for various festivities all around the city of Jerusalem.

The holiday marks the culmination of the Omer – 49 days of daily counting between Passover and Shavuot. It is a great harvest celebration, and usually, people drink lots of wine and eat lots of refined cheese.

It is a perfect time to go out, enjoy the lovely weather and participate in numerous activities suitable for all ages, whether it is a traditional celebration at Ramat Rachel, Abu-Gosh festival or a simple tour around the city.

This year, Shavuot falls on May 16-17, while some of the events will take place a few days before or after.

Shavuot 2019 Events in Jerusalem

Shavuot Food Festival at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel

evt-ramat-rachel-shavuot-1 (1)

Photo: Courtesy of Ramat Rachel Tourism Complex

We invite you to celebrate Shavuot in the joyful spirit of a real Kibbutz.

All the fun will happen on June 9th, at the event compound of the Ramat Rachel Kibbutz!

Happening for all ages:
10:00-14:00 – activities and creativity booth for the whole family.
11:30 – Ceremony of First Fruits (Bikkurim) of the Kibbutz

Creativity and activities stalls:

  • The Kibbutz group photography stall
  • Make-up stall
  • Creativity booths
  • Drummers circle
  • Soap bubbles
  • Baking taboon bread
  • Guided tour at the Kibbutz
  • Sales stalls of the agricultural produce of Ramat Rachel
  • And more.

* The compound is operating until 14:00. The entrance will be allowed only until 11:30.
* Riding on a camel is not included in the price
*A tour in the Kibbutz doesn’t involve picking and taking away the produce and fruits from the area.

WhereKibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
When: June 9th, 2018 at 10:00 am; First-fruits Ceremony at 11:30 am
Cost: Adults – 30 ILS; Children – 40 ILS

Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Beit Avi Chai marked by double encounters between figures from parallel worlds

תיקון ליל שבועות בבית אבי חי - 1

Graphics: courtesy of Beit Avi Chai PR

In the program:

23:00-00:00 | Reflecting on the Torah of Israel – Dr. Meir Buzaglo and Prof. Eva Iluz (in the Hall)

23:00-00;00 | Demanding “the possible way”: interpretation, innovating and expanding the limits of the Torah at “Ben Ish Chai” – Rabbi Drori Yehoshua and Dr. Avi-Ram Tzoref (Room 103)

23:30-00:45 | “Blessed thou who I don’t know” (Avraham Halfi): following the footsteps of the secular prayer – the writer Amir Menashehof and the editor Yelli Shnar (Room 102)

00:15-01:15 | Ancient language, new language and what’s among them – Dr. Rubik Rozental and Dr. Orit Avneri (in the Hall)

00:15-01:15 | Filling the void: Interpretation, preaching and creation – Dr. Yair Furstenberg and Dov Abramson (Room 103)

01:00-02:15 | New Israeli Q&A: the new Halacha project of Adam Baruch – Rabbi Mishael Zion and Amichai Hasson (Room 102)

01:30-02:30 | Roni Koban and Etti Ankori – Windmills: from the foot of the pyramids and to the foot of Mount Sinai (in the hall).

01:30-02:30 | “Griding and baking and washing and cooking” on the duties of a wife to the husband in the view of Hahalacha with Prof. Vered Noam and Prof. Rami Rainer (Room 103).

02:45-03:45 | On the longing and revelation: Reading “Tehila” by SY Agnon and more… Bela Ben Eliyahu (In the hall).

Meeting at the library with Shai Gillis

Shay hosts learning workshops at Beit Avi Chai; he is an educator at Hertman High School and a lecturer at Ein Prat – the Midrasha at Alon.

23:00-00:00 | Odia Goldshmidt, groups consultant and Talmud teacher, about Isaac.

00:15-01:15 | Amery Sadan, former journalist, a blogger, and programmer, talks about King David and the Psalms poet.

01:30-02:30 | Yossi Ben Harosh, educator and researcher of the Hassidic movement of the 20th century, about Judge Gideon.

02:45-03:45 | Roni Mualem-Ofenhaim, researcher and lecturer on the subjects of the Old Testament, Hebrew literature and Hazal literature, on Ruth the Moabite.

Singing in the yard

00:00-00:15 | 01:15-01:30 | “Harmonica” choir performing festive songs compilation.

Confessional at the cafeteria.

02:45-03:45 | Singing of the best men

Tikkun Leil Shavuot will be completed with a conference of accepting the Torah, led by the teachers and students of “Ashira Tehilot” program.

WhereBeit Avi Chai, 44 King George St, Jerusalem
When: June 8th, 2018. 23:00-04:00
Cost: Subjected to availability of seats

A flour milling festival at the windmill of Mishkenot Sha’nanim

Photo: Windmill complex

The renewed Windmill Complex invites visitors of all ages to the milling festival. It is a unique experience – anyone can mill own flour on the Montefiore Windmill.
As part of the festival, we’ll see how the mill operates, watch its wings rotate, bake taboon bread and enjoy the unique view overlooking the walls of the Old City.

Additionally, you can join a tour of the area (for a small fee), play in the escape park around the neighborhood and enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the breath-taking view.
When June 9th, 2019, 10:00-17:00
Where The Windmill Complex at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Bloomfield Boulevard, Jerusalem

The day after Shavuot – special tour at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory invites the children and their parents to celebrate Shavuot in nature:

08:30 – Watching Migrating birds. Come and see who shows up at Jerusalem when Summer arrives! 15 ILS per guest.

10:00 Butterflies tour – an unforgettable journey with these wonderful creatures, where you’ll see that they also share feelings of love, hate, furious battles, and romance. 25 ILS per guest.

Where: Rothschild Street, Jerusalem

When: June 10th
Cost: 15\25 ILS

Between Shavuot and The Christian holy day of Pentecost with Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi – guided tour

Photo: Michael Halpern

Pay a visit to Mount Zion, where the religious people celebrate simultaneously both the Jewish Shavuot holiday and the Christian Pentecost. How the disciples of different religions cooperate in day-to-day life while pilgrimaging the mountain? How do they manage to celebrate their holidays in such a sensitive location? We’ll get to know the numerous traditions related to this place and wonder once again: is King David really buried here?

When: June 6th. 16:00-19:00
Cost: 90 ILS, Purchase tickets

Shavuot at Bloomfield Science Museum

שבועות במוזיאון המדע - 2

Photo: Avi Hayun

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem will celebrate the holiday with a unique activity – plastic crafting!

At the workshop, we’ll create colorful plastic coins from materials we all have at home. The plastic will be “cooked” according to a recipe, and the participants will become researchers at the lab, will learn about items made of different kinds of plastic and see for themselves why it is crucial to reduce the consumption of plastic products (an adult must accompany children under the age of 10).

The workshop will take place on the following dates and times:
Saturday, June 8th
Sunday, June 9th

Monday, June 10th

Children’s’ play: Plastictive

An original production of the Jerusalem Science Museum, created in cooperation with the artist Anat Bosc.
The length of the play: 20 minutes. Suitable for the age of 3 and up.
Times of the shows:
Saturday, June 8th11:30

Sunday and Monday, June 9-10th

“Once upon a time, at a small fishermen’s village, there was a small fisher-girl who’d go to the sea with her father.
She’d watch the sunset from her little boat, but she couldn’t catch and goldfish. Until one sunny day, a massive wave carries her to a mysterious island composed of plastic.
She travels the island, meeting creative creatures who give her ideas for a world where every plastic bag contains a discovery.

When: June 8-10th
Cost: 60 ILS for child/adult, a ticket for the whole family: 220 ILS
Where: The museum Boulevard, Jerusalem

Where: Bloomfield Science Museum, Sderot Hamuzeonim, Jerusalem
When: May 20-21, 2018
Cost: Single Ticket – 60 ILS; Family Ticket –  220 ILS (children/grandchildren and parents/grandparents)

Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival


The twice-a-year Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival is a unique and multi-sensory experience. Take advantage of this opportunity and see a concert in a magical church. Abu Gosh is a picturesque village, surrounded by beautiful views of the Jerusalem Mountains.

Where: Abu Gosh, Israel
When: June 7-9th
Cost: concert ticket prices vary
Info: Read more about the Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival >>
Tickets: Buy now!

Menachem Begin Center

 Israeli Shavuot – in the memory and retrieval of Hadar Goldin

Tikun and Nigun evening in the memory and retrieval of Hadar Goldin will take place for the third time on the eve of Shavuot.

This year the evening will be marked by the idea of The Path of the Upright based on Hadar’s book: “How to build a life – a company at The Path of the Upright with Hadar Goldin” (Megid Publishing).

Artists and representatives of the press will attend the event. Each will bring own personal view of Shavuot, for the moral compass and the personality of Hadar.

The event is conducted by Megid Publishing, Religious Zionist enterprises, Jerusalem Municipality and the Communal administration of Bek’a.

Musicians: Yonatan Raziel and Shai Tzabari
Speakers: Ifat Erlich and Zvi Yehazkeli
Host: Sarah Bac

When: June 6th | 20:30
Cost: 30 ILS, Purchase tickets
Where: Sh.A. Nachon Str. 6, Jerusalem.

Tikun Shavuot Night at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center marks the 40th anniversary of the peace agreement with Egypt: “May Peace be upon you.”

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center hosts a special Shavuot event during which various study groups and round-table discourses on current social issues will be held.

The event will be translated to the sign language by qualified translators.

23:00 Sarah Jo Ben-Zvi, editor of the Segula magazine
00:00 Kobi Arieli, Journalist, and satirist

01:00 Dr. Hillel Mali

02:00 Dr. Ido Hevroni

03:00 Arel Segal, journalist, and publicist

03:45 A guided tour to the Western Wall for Vatikin prayer

When June 8th
Cost Free of charge if seats are available
Where Sh.A. Nachon Str. 6, Jerusalem.

What is Tikkun Leil Shavuot?

Tradition tells us that Shavuot is the day on which the Jews received the Torah on Mount Sinai. The legend says that the nation of Israel slept in on this important day, and therefore, we must stay up all night learning Torah as a “Tikkun,” a reparation. This custom is called “Tikkun Leil Shavuot.” To find out about different “Tikkun” locations, click here (Hebrew).

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