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Jerusalem Snow Storm 2015

It used to be a seldom occurrence for snow to fall in Jerusalem, but for the second year in a row, the city is expecting a major snow storm to blanket the streets with snow and possibly shut down the city to a large extent.

Following last year’s historic December storm that brought the city to a standstill, closed roads in and out of the city, stranded motorists and left thousands without power, the municipality has taken extra precautions ahead of the storm expected to hit Jerusalem Wednesday, January 7 sometime in the afternoon. Schools are closed and the main highways in and out of the city will be closed at the first sign of significant snow fall. Public transportation within the city was limited Wednesday morning and will stop running if the roads get too bad.

You can stay up to date with road closures and public transportation accessibility by visiting the municipality website’s special storm page (Hebrew).

Weather forecasters have predicted the storm could drop as much as 30 cm (12 inches) of snow on the city over Wednesday and Thursday. There is also a chance that after a brief respite, there could be more snow on Friday and Saturday.

Stay tuned because the huge snowflakes falling on the backdrop of this unique city creates a hypnotizing scene. The Old City, the city center and Sacher Park are just a few of the places people venture out to in order to enjoy this unique experience.

Israelis from around the country take advantage of this unique spectacle and try to make it into the city before streets get closed. Jerusalem is always a special city to behold, but it when it’s coated in snow, Jerusalem’s views are particularly mesmerizing.

While enjoying the snow, please be careful. Keep in mind that Israel is a place most familiar with sun and a bit of rain. Streets and sidewalks are usually not cleared fully. Vehicles and drivers are not prepared for snow. Beware of trees; there are almost always collapsed trees and fallen branches. And if you aren’t already in Jerusalem and decide to come up immediately before or during a snow storm, find out first if the roads are open and make sure you’ll be able to arrive at your destination in time.

Otherwise, have fun and happy Jerusalem Snow Day!

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Photo credit: Amos Fridlin

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