Enjoy the best cafes in Jerusalem

Enjoy the best cafes in Jerusalem

autor iconBy Evelyn Shor

We all adore cafes. These are magnificent places where you can escape the mundane and routine, have a romantic date, check up on friends, celebrate your birthday or enjoy brunch right before the holidays closes most of the leisure places, when Jerusalem turns festive, and the serenity encloses the streets. The soul strives for comfort food and a delicious pick-me-up dosage of coffee.

Like many great cities all around the world, Jerusalem offers its gems in terms of perfect cafes for enjoying the unique atmosphere of Israel's capital. We've done the work for you, and here's our pick for the best places in town in terms of atmosphere, location, fantastic brew, and perfect food. These are undoubtedly the best cafes in Jerusalem.

City Center


Nocturno. Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Over the years, Nocturno has become a real symbol of the city, so nowadays, it's much more than a regular cafe outing. It's located on the designers' avenue of Jerusalem, surrounded by unique boutique shops. When you get tired of the artsy stroll, you may sit down, relax, and enjoy an elaborated menu. You may experience a unique coffee crafted from 12 different highly aromatic flavors, choose from many other hot beverages and excellent food menu including a special dish for every hour of the day, delicious sandwiches with a twist, exquisite quiches, and amazing desserts. The unique vibe of Jerusalem and the warm artistic design of the place complete the unforgettable experience.

Additionally, in the evening hours, you'll enjoy Nocturno Live – the live shows compound, where numerous gigs and nightlife events are being held daily with a luxurious atmosphere, large bar with a vast menu of cocktails, wines and beers and joyful atmosphere of Jerusalem. More details about Nocturno Live >>

The traits that make this place unique: hip, kosher, suitable for all ages during the day, and adults only in the evening, vegetarian and dairy menu with plenty of vegan dishes, rich beverages menu, musical, and stand-up performances in the evening.

Address: Bezalel Street 7, Jerusalem

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Cafe Kadosh

Cafe Kadosh. Photo: Alex Yampolsky

Cafe Kadosh was established in 1967. Ever since, it has become one of the most popular places in the city, thanks to its simple yet complex idea: to bring the principles of the boutique bakeries of Paris to the streets of Jerusalem. The years have proven that Kadosh made it work and have done it brilliantly. Another element of its charm lies in the fact that despite its popularity, Cafe Kadosh remains a family business with a cozy and warm environment that only adds to its exclusivity. The menu offers you fresh home-made pasta, fresh and smoked fish, delicious lasagnas, sandwiches, and a massive selection of pastry and deserts that changes every day. Everything in this cafe is homemade: bread, pasta, pastries.

The traits that make this place unique: amazing pastries, unforgettable coffee, warm, homey feeling, boutique-style, exquisite desserts, kosher food.

Address: Queen Shlomziyon St 6, Jerusalem.

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Cafit Mamilla

Cafit Mamila (Photo: Courtesy of Cafit)

Are you interested in a cafe with great business-lunch offers? The Mamilla branch of Cafit is right in the city center, in front of the prestigious Mamilla Avenue and all the entertainment areas of Jerusalem. It's an excellent opportunity to have a lunch break and have a rest after your shopping spree in the city. Additionally, this branch is open from the early morning hours and until the late evening, including menus that suit every time of day. It is the perfect place to have a quick coffee with pastry on the side, as well as warm cocoa and comfort food in the evening.

The traits that make this place unique: central and accessible location, kosher, business lunches, excellent coffee.

Address: Queen Shlomziyon St 18, Jerusalem

Alternatively, you can enjoy your time in another branch of Cafit cafe at the Botanical Garden and experience a lavish meal while overlooking the landscapes and the unusual plants of the garden.

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Cafe Yehoshua

Azza Street in Rehavia neighborhood in Jerusalem is one of the busiest streets in town that attracts nightlife fans of all kinds, from students to mature couples and families. One of the most prominent places in the area is Cafe Yehoshua. It's a non-kosher cafe with a large hall where you can feel free to enjoy yourself, a large alcohol bar to sit at for a quick meal, or a whiskey shot. The vibe and design reminiscent of the old Jerusalem, with a unique twist in American Diner style, which is noticeable both in the design and the food. At Cafe Yehoshua, you'll enjoy special business lunch offers, breakfasts, freshly ground coffee, and a large selection of wines and cocktails.

The traits that make this place unique: trendy, business lunches, non-kosher, suitable for families during the day, and great for a night out by the bar.

Address: Azza Str. 17, Jerusalem.

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Cafes near the Old City

Coffee Bar Inbal Hotel

The lounge restaurant at Hotel Inbal. Photo courtesy of Inbal Hotel.

If you're looking for the perfect place for a brunch or a romantic dinner – that's the right place for you. In the Lounge Coffee Bar at the Inbal Hotel, you'll enjoy a luxurious environment and unparalleled service experience. Inbal Hotel is one of the best and most popular hotels in Jerusalem, and now it opens its restaurant for visitors who aren't staying in the hotel as well. You'll enjoy the excellent menu, including velvety soups, Shakshuka, and all kinds of pasta, fish, and selection of fresh salads that will take you on a culinary journey between Jerusalem, Paris, and Rome.

The traits that make this place special: upscale, exclusivity, perfect place for brunch, great for large groups and families, romantic setting, kosher

Address: Jabotinsky str. 3, Jerusalem

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Talbiya (Photo: Ilan Zaviv)

Welcome to Talbiya – the cafe and restaurant of the Jerusalem Theater, established by the Machneyuda Group. The cafe is named after the neighborhood it's located in, and it operated as a retro-style establishment, defined with Parisian chic. At night, it turns into a vivid bar with a festive vibe. The design of the place is meticulous and elegant, and it'll make you feel like you've landed in Europe.

And what about the most important thing – the food? In Talbiya, you'll find fresh homemade pastries with small, delicate, and perfect meat, fish, and seafood dishes, along with pasta with non-trivial sauces. The restaurant is furnished with leather sofas and chairs, adorned with lamps shaped like brass instruments and there's an old piano placed in the center of the cafe.

The traits that make this place unique: the atmosphere, boutique-style, exclusivity, non-kosher, perfect for dates, suitable for events.

Address: Chopin str. 5, Jerusalem.

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The Coffee Mill

Coffee Mill at Emek Refaim (Photo: Mushkie Hazakielevich)

And for those who adore local cafes as it was in the past? These relatively small places, where neighbors meet in an intimate environment? If you find this description charming, hence the Coffee Mill is a place you must visit. It is located in Emek Refaim Street, serving all kinds of breakfasts, sandwiches, fresh pastries, and an excellent dairy menu. But the highlight here is the coffee itself, and here you'll probably find the most elaborate beverages menu. All in all, it's a charming place where you can relax after work or on a Friday morning while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the upcoming weekend.

The traits that make this place unique: intimate, kosher, grand for young people, an excellent place to work on your computer, an unbelievable coffee menu.

Address: Emek Refaim Str. 23, Jerusalem.

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Unique cafes in Ein Karem Area

Ein Karem Hametuka Cafe

Kfar Ein Karem is one of the most beautiful locations in Jerusalem. Here you'll find ancient churches, historic buildings, and spectacular views. After an excellent tour around the area, it's great to make a stop for resting and fueling yourself with energy (and good food) at the Ein Karem Hametuka Cafe. It's placed right above the Sweet Ein Karen chocolate store, where you can enjoy sweet workshops for the whole family. The cafe above the shop offers you a kosher dairy menu with inspirations from the Mediterranean and Italian cuisines with just a pinch of Asian vibe. After enjoying all this richness, you can finish with homemade Belgian chocolate and pralines.

The traits that make this place unique: amazing pastries, kosher, suitable for families, spectacular view and one-of-a-kind atmosphere, fine chocolate as a dessert, ideal for large groups, families, and private events.

Address: Mavo Hashaar Str.

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