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Let’s talk about food for a moment. And while we’re at it, why not treat ourselves to some high-quality, fine dining chef restaurants in the center of Jerusalem. A few years ago, the culinary scene in Jerusalem has experienced a true renaissance and from that moment on, it has taken off at such high speed that new high-end restaurants are constantly springing up like mushrooms after the rain.

So with so many delicious options, how do you choose where to go? Who are the real extraordinary chefs that rule the city of Jerusalem? What do they have inside their pans and pots and on top of your plate? Here are the top 7 chef restaurants of Jerusalem that you simply cannot miss.

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Top of the list is of course the exquisitely chic SEASON restaurant, which offers a unique food experience by Chef Yaron Vinkler that you won’t find anywhere else. SEASON restaurant offers a unique seasonal tasting menu that includes eight delicious courses. The dishes change constantly, sometimes even daily, and the entire experience takes about two and a half hours. Besides the meticulous food, there’s an exclusive atmosphere that allows the guests and the chef to connect and share stories, impressions, and knowledge. SEASON’s kitchen is based on fresh ingredients and high-quality wines that are paired with the particular menu that’s on the table.

For those of you who are looking for a more intimate or maybe romantic experience, there’s also an option of sitting at a private table or the restaurant’s balcony overlooking the views of the breathtaking Ein Karem village. If you know of any allergies or food sensitivities (lactose intolerance, for instance) that you may have, feel free to contact the restaurant staff so that they can tailor the meal to your needs. The same applies for dairy-enthusiasts, meat-lovers or vegans and vegetarians.

Where? 13 Derech Ha’Achayot St, Jerusalem



Photo: Touro

Some artists paint, some artists play instruments and some artists cook. Chef Benny Ashkenazi is an artist that turns Touro restaurant and your table into his own unique art canvas. From beet ravioli with black quinoa and pomegranate concentrate as a starter to sea fish tartar in yogurt and wasabi, Touro is a kosher meat restaurant that redefines the term of culinary creativity. But even the most creative chef needs a muse, and therefore, you get to enjoy the most stunning view of the walls of the Old City and Tower of David while enjoying an intimate dinner or event on the restaurant’s balcony.

Where? 2 Sh.A. Nakhon St, Jerusalem.


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Kinor Bakikar


Photo: Kinor Bakikar

Kinor Bakikar is a chic chef restaurant located at one of Jerusalem’s most elegant corners – The Music Square. Chef Kobi Katani, who has worked in some of the most successful restaurants in Australia, brings a new and exciting meats menu to Jerusalem. Roast beef pizza, 6-hour asado, salmon fish with a sunny side up fried egg and even a traditional Jerusalem mix dish. Perfect for a relaxing night out with your family or for an impressive business lunch. The prices are fair, the food is interesting and the ambience is classy. Recommendation: take a Becherovka shot as your digestif and you’re all set.

Where? 8 Ma’avar Beit Haknesset, Music Square, Jerusalem.

  • 072-3713077

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Photo: Hachatzer

If you enjoy eating with your eyes (and who doesn’t, really?), Hachatzer restaurant is the perfect place for you. With Chef Moti Ochana running the kitchen, this fine-dining restaurant presents a beautiful synthesis of the French culinary techniques with the spicy Mediterranean cuisine that result in the most exciting and magically crafted gourmet dishes. One of their exclusive options is the tasting menu, so of your adventurous and spontaneous, go on that one and enjoy an evening of the chef’s most creative ideas. However, if you decide to take the tasting menu, all of the diners have to commit to that. But it’s totally worth it.

Where? 7 Derech Beit Lechem St, Jerusalem.

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La Boca

Photo: La Boca

Photo: La Boca

Hungry carnivores? This one is for you. Chef Guy Kimchi, from La Boca restaurant, brings the best of Latin America to your plate. From macaroon with liver pâté and sweet jam to unique Salads with spicy Mexican seasoning, Argentinian chorizos, a surprising Texas asado to Peruvian sashimi, La Boca restaurant will make you want to discover America. Tip: the restaurant has a great selection of boutique wines from all around the world. Get a glass and enjoy this international experience.

Where? 8 Shlomzion HaMalka St, Jerusalem.

  • 072-3281201

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Dolphin Yam

Photo: Sea Dolphin restaurant

Photo: Dolphin Yam restaurant

With nearly five decades in the chef restaurants’ scene in Jerusalem, Dolphin Yam is known for its reputation of working with the most professional chefs who serve exquisite and meticulously prepared food.  On the menu you’ll find a variety of fish and seafood alongside meat dishes, pastas and special kids meals. Be sure to check wild fillet in crab and pine nuts sauce, rib mix and kabunitella, and the wide variety of seafood from shrimp to calamari, scallops and crabs.

Where? 9 Shim’on Ben Shetach St, Jerusalem

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Olive & Fish


Photo: Olive & Fish

Located at the magical neighborhood of Talbiye, Olive & Fish restaurant is a beautiful and elegant place that specializes in interesting fish dishes with combinations that simply would never occur to you. How about a salmon fillet in citrus sauce, miso and pickled ginger or a tilapia fillet on a bed of fettuccine pasta with zucchini and mint? Add to that their impressive selection of fine Israeli wines and voila – a proper Mediterranean meal. They also have meat and poultry options, so if you’re a meat lover, don’t get too  We suggest checking their business lunches. Great prices, great food, what more could one ask for?

Where? 2 Ze’ev Jabotinksi St, Jerusalem.

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