The Best Restaurants in Jerusalem for Private Events

The Best Restaurants in Jerusalem for Private Events

autor iconBy Risi Adler Finkel , July 14, 2023

All of these can be found in restaurants around the city, and many of them can hold your event in a private room, on the terrace in front of the view, or even rent the entire restaurant for your party. In some places besides a fine meal, you can get added value in the form of a musical show, lecture, active bar or museum tour. 

In order to make it easier for you to orient yourself and choose, we have gathered for you twelve excellent restaurants in different styles and in various areas of the city - close to the Western Wall, the city center, the west of the city and the Jerusalem hills.

Near the Western Wall

Between the Arches

Photo: Courtesy of Between the Arches 

Walking distance from the Western Wall and the authentic Jerusalem atmosphere within the ancient, preserved building from the 13th century, Between the Arches becomes the perfect place for a bar mitzvah celebration. Invite your guests on a trip through time, on an island of peace and tranquility in the old city of Jerusalem.

In the restaurant, you can host up to 90 guests, at each of the day's meals - breakfast, brunch/lunch, and dinner, in any serving style you choose - a central serving table, a personal serving, or a buffet. The menu is dairy and lemehadrin (Badatz Yerushalayim) and includes a rich selection of salads from fresh vegetables, cheeses, shakshuka, omelets and various egg dishes, plates of pasta, pizza baked in a stone oven and special fish dishes. The fish menu includes fish kebabs, Jerusalem mixed fish, and tuna in red wine sauce and root vegetables. They also serve a variety of delicious desserts. Aside from Bar Mitzvah, you can be happy here at any event you wish to celebrate, or alternatively, you can order catering from the Chef's kitchen for celebrations in other places in Jerusalem.

Where? Al Wad Hagai 174, near the Western Wall plaza, Jerusalem

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Meat and Eat - Lechem Basar

Photo: Courtesy of Lechem Basar 

Lechem Basar is an urban restaurant with meticulous design in the mythological First Station complex of Jerusalem. The restaurant’s menu focuses on meat and bread, and some unique qualities even combining the two worlds. The emphasis in Lechem Basar is on freshness, availability, and delicious experience, which is one of the reasons that there is a tabun that allows fresh baking as well as also meat aging in the restaurant itself. 

You can celebrate here a Bar / Bat Mitzvah, a meaningful birthday, a social evening, and any other happy event you would like to invite up to 150 guests. In addition, the restaurant has a VIP room for 35 guests. The seating areas are designed in different styles and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You can choose one of three menus - Express, Avirim, and Premium. All three are varied and rich and the chef's special touch is evident. All the meals start with bread and with interesting appetizers such as red quinoa salad, grilled mushrooms, roasted eggplant with meat ragu, chicken liver pate, and more. The main dishes include a wide range of beef, lamb, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes, such as: slow-cooked lamb with lots of surprises in a pan wrapped in hot pastries, an aged sirloin, a self-made entrecote hamburger and more. The restaurant is Mehadrin kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Mahfoud. 

Where? David Remez 4, Jerusalem

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Photo: Courtesy of Piccolino Restaurant 

The Piccolino Italian restaurant in Nahalat Shiva is located in the Music Square, in a building that served as the neighborhood bakery about 100 years ago. This is a historic stone arches structure that provides a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere for its residents. This is a historic stone arched structure that provides a relaxing atmosphere. Guests of the restaurant sitting on the terrace can enjoy the various music performances in the square.

 The restaurant hosts a variety of private events: birthdays, sheva brachot, bat and bar mitzvahs, circumcisions, parties for workers' committees and more. It has three private rooms, which can accommodate 20 to 35 people and a private heated terrace in the winter, which can hold up to 60 people. The winning Chef Moshe Avdiel is meticulous in using fresh ingredients to create gourmet Italian delicacies and surprising fish dishes. Among the recommended dishes are "white pizza" - without tomato sauce, on the basis of mozzarella cheese, "archnini" - risotto balls with mushrooms and mascarpone cheese, artichoke soup, barramundi fish sauce, saffron, orange juice, garlic and capers, a variety of desserts such as "Little Switzerland", "Chocolate Trio", "Tremiso" and more. In Piccolino in Jerusalem, as in Italy, the atmosphere is warm and full of joy, and kosher dairy meals (Badatz Yerushalayim). 

Where? Yoel Moshe Salomon 12, Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem

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Courtyard Restaurant

Photo: Courtesy of Courtyard Restaurant 

The American Colony’s famous restaurant, The Courtyard, is situated at the heart of the hotel’s ancient building, connecting all of the building’s wings to one magical courtyard. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem, which has hosted an infinite number of public figures and celebrities throughout the years. Sit in the shadow of strawberry trees and listen to the sound of relaxing water coming from the central fountain. This is the right place to relax and enjoy an intimate and picturesque ambiance, authentic Jerusalem-style design, and attentive and professional service that will make you feel like Ottoman aristocrats. 

The Courtyard serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is open during the summer days and in accordance with the weather. The menu features Mediterranean fine-dining cuisine with twists and combinations from all around the globe. You will find lamb kebab with sour yogurt on burnt aubergine alongside fillet mignon accompanied by sautéed asparagus and mushrooms. In addition, the restaurant serves delicious seafood directly from the Mediterranean sea and original vegetarian dishes. The restaurant’s intimate character alongside its picture-perfect design and the historic significance of the hotel is the right combination and the perfect atmosphere for celebrating private events. The restaurant is open for buyouts for private milestone celebrations, such as weddings, bar-mitzvahs, and circumcisions. In addition, the venue can be reserved for business events like book release parties, product launches, wine tastings, conferences, and more. The restaurant accommodates small-scale events of up to 60 guests. 

Where? Louis Vincent Street 1, Jerusalem

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City Center


Photo; Alex Yampolsky 

The Nocturno is a cafe-restaurant and cultural institution that is lively and popular with many Jerusalemites and visitors from outside the city. The enchanting and chic atmosphere of the Nahlaot neighborhood of the Bezalel Shatz pedestrian mall and the "Designers in the City" complex, which is located there, slides into the unique design line and the warm and homely atmosphere that prevails here. 

There are two different floors for the events, and two lounges - one for fifteen guests and one for ten guests, and in general Noturno can host up to 90 people seated or up to 120 for a standing mingling event. The venue is especially suitable for birthdays and other social gatherings, book launches, exhibitions, private parties and more. The advanced sound system can be used for music performances, stand-up, lectures, etc. The menu is kosher, dairy, vegetarian, and vegan, very meticulous and very aesthetic, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and self-preparation of the dishes to the level of jams, pickles, and juices. The menu can be adapted to the needs of the event, including special requests and of course, bar services. 

Where? Bezalel 7, Jerusalem

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Japanika at the Cinema City

Photo: Alex Yampolsky 

The Jerusalem branch of Japanika, located in Cinema City, is undoubtedly one of the best branches of the chain. Asian cuisine, mainly Japanese - fresh fish, plenty of vegetables, perfect rice, soups, wok dishes, and lots of excellent sushi in a variety of combinations, and the homemade Japanko-Futomaki dish served hot and crispy in teriyaki sauce. The design is elegant and modern with Japanese elements, and there is also a balcony overlooking the government complex, and in winter it is closed and heated. You can celebrate birthdays, festive meals, and small and medium events for up to 100 guests, with a variety of menus at different price levels. The entire menu is kosher meat under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. 

Where? Cinema City, Jerusalem

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Dolphin Yam (Sea Dolphin)

Photo: Courtesy of Dolphin Yam Restaurant 

Dolphin Yam is one of the oldest and most beloved restaurants in Jerusalem, located in the city center near Mamilla Avenue, and has been operating for more than 40 years in a preserved ancient Jerusalem building. The courteous and professional service and the elegant design create a pleasant and positive atmosphere. The rich Dolphin menu is based on modern cuisine and seasonal cooking and focuses on fresh fish and seafood dishes such as sea bass fillet in crab sauce with pine nuts, shrimp, calamari, scallops, and crabs. 

You can also enjoy excellent quality meats such as rib mix and lamb kebabs and pastas with winning sauces, vegetarian dishes, and special dishes for children. On the gallery floor, you can hold private business or family events - anniversaries, grandparents’ birthdays, and any party - with or without a reason. You can host up to 65 people here and use the projector, screen, and audio system. There are also separate services for gallery guests. The restaurant is not kosher. 

Where? Shimon Ben Shetach Street, Jerusalem

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Western Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Hills


צילום: מסעדת בראסרי Photo: Courtesy of Brasserie 

Restaurant In the heart of the picturesque village of Ein Kerem, opposite the green hills of Jerusalem and the churches with their golden towers, located in a beautiful two-story building is Brasserie. The entry-level has a central bar and two private rooms, one of which can accommodate up to 12 guests and the other up to 35 guests. On the roof, on the balcony facing the view, 80-100 guests can be accommodated. In the different spaces of the restaurant are temporary exhibitions of Israeli artists. 

This is a Mediterranean bistro-style restaurant, offering a rich and varied menu for a buffet or buffet-style events, with the option of building a personal menu of your choice - a variety of salads, plates of pasta, fish, meats and desserts. In addition, the restaurant specializes in custom-made concept events for each client, with the successful Kitchen By Demand catering brand, accompanied by the restaurant's chef and selected sites. The restaurant is not kosher. 

Where? The Fountain 15, Jerusalem

Modern Restaurant in the Israel Museum

Photo: Courtesy of Modern Restaurant 

The Israel Museum is not only a leading attraction: In the museum complex, you can also find one of the leading pearls for organizing events in Jerusalem - the Modern Restaurant. The restaurant is located right inside the Israel Museum, so its spacious balcony overlooks the picturesque Cross Valley and the Knesset. This is an authentic Jerusalem chef's restaurant, under the direction of Chef Oren Yerushalmi, who provides a fresh and fresh interpretation of the culinary experience that developed in the city.

In Modern, you can hold events of any size and for any purpose from birthdays, bar or bat mitzvahs, evening wedding with a chuppa on the balcony or on Friday afternoon, parties with active bar and DJ, to elegant and impressive business events with the possibility of integrating a guest lecturer, as well as official events for consular missions, government offices and more. You can choose from one of 12 different event menus, in any style of serving - a full personal presentation, a Jerusalem market buffet, an open kitchen, a contemporary cocktail, and even a meal combined with a museum tour. In addition, Modern Catering operates events at various sites throughout the museum, in cooperation with the best event designers operating in Israel. Your options are unlimited:

  • Private and business events: up to 350 people in the summer, and in the winter 250 people.
  • Private balcony: Contains up to 150 guests.
  • Group events: with a possibility to tour the museum: from 10 to 150 people on the olive tree terrace.
  • Catering at the museum's sites: up to 3,000 people

The restaurant is kosher. 

Where? Ruppin Road 11, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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