The Best Restaurants in Jerusalem for Private Events

Jerusalem has been a destination for special generations dating back thousands of years, and it’s still carrying on the spirit today thanks to the cadre of  big and small venues dedicated to providing a unique atmosphere and, of course, amazing food.

Most people think of bar mitzvahs at the Western Wall or weddings at Ramat Rachel when it comes to events in Jerusalem, but beneath the surface, what really makes the city a special place to celebrate is the host of restaurants that each offer something unique to fit any occasion.


Photo: Courtesy of Touro restaurant

Photo: Courtesy of Touro restaurant

With a stunning view of the Old City walls and an impressive culinary selection of Mediterranean favorites fused with Asian influences, Touro is easily one of the top choices in Jerusalem for private events and a go-to venue among Jerusalem’s best event planners.

The restaurant can host events of up to 120 people and has a 20-person private room for extra-intimate celebrations.

Where: 2 Sh.A. Nakhon St, Jerusalem

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La Boca

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Photo: courtesy of La Boca restaurant

The elegant La Boca boasts a gorgeous event space, with a ground floor that holds up to 90 people, a second floor with a capacity of 120 (which can be divided for smaller events) and a private VIP room for intimate affairs.

And chef Guy Kimchi’s Latin American cuisine with a Mediterranean twist is sure to add an intriguing dimension to any event.

Where: 8 Shlomtziyon Hamalka Street, Jerusalem

  • 072-3281201

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Olive & Fish


Photo: Courtesy of Olive & Fish Restaurant

Located just between the famous windmill in Talbiye’s neighborhood and the picturesque Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Olive & Fish is a high-quality kosher fish and meats restaurant.

Thanks to its homely atmosphere, gorgeous views to Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhoods, attentive service and classic and refined design, Olive &Fish is ideal for hosting private events and gatherings.

The restaurant’s event menu offers a large variety of fish and grilled dishes and is perfect for celebrations with family, friends, clients and business partners. Olive & Fish can accommodate events of 10-90 guests, in various venues, including a spacious room in the second floor and a roofed balcony. The menu can be adjusted to suit your needs and special requests.

Where: 2 Ze’ev Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem

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Anna Italian Cafe at the Ticho House


Photo: courtesy of Anna Italian Cafe restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet corner of downtown Jerusalem, Anna Italian Cafe in the Ticho House is one of the most charming venues in the city, featuring a lovely indoor dining space (70 people), terrace (50 people), VIP room (18 people) and a magical outdoor courtyard (250 people).

Check Nimrod Norman’s outstanding modern Italian cuisine will definitely be a crowd-pleaser, and the variety of special event menus with wine, alcohol and desserts will give you plenty to choose from.

And Anna’s dedicated staff will help you make sure your event is one for the ages.

Where: 10 Harav Agan Street, Jerusalem

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Kinor Bakikar


Photo: courtesy of Kinor Bakikar restaurant

Located in downtown Jerusalem’s charming Music Square compound, Kinor Bakikar boasts the perfect setting for events. The restaurant has a modern steakhouse motif, and the courtyard is absolutely beautiful with Jerusalem stone as far as the eye can see, a performance stage, historical Jerusalem architecture and even a picturesque fountain.

The food is nothing short of excellent, blending classical European with modern cuisine and local flavors, and the staff and management are professional and courteous every step of the way.

Where: 8 Ma’avar Beit Haknesset Street, Jerusalem

  • 072-3713077

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rst-modern (5)

Photo: Courtesy of MODERN Restaurant

Israel Museum is not only one of Jerusalem’s major attractions, but it is also home to one of the city’s leading event-hosting restaurants – MODERN Restaurant. The restaurant space is ideal for celebrations of any type and for every audience: birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, business event of all types, product launches, and the list goes on. The restaurant can accommodate up to 400 guests and it offers 12 event menus composed by Chef Oren Yerushalmi to choose from. If you’re looking to host a particularly large event, there is also the option of expanding to some of the museum spaces. MODERN restaurant offers screening equipment that includes a projector, a large screen, and a sound system.

Where: 11 Rupin Rd., Israel Museum, Jerusalem

  • 072-3290756

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Photo: Courtesy of Polly restaurant

Polly Restaurant is the perfect place for anyone who wants a strictly kosher (lemehadrin) restaurant with an Italian menu and atmosphere. The twist? Polly is events-only, making it the perfect restaurant for celebrations, as well as for professional or casual events. Polly offers terrific service for every type of event, offering seating for 25-100 people.

In Polly’s kitchen, you’ll find original first courses, pastas, fish, and desserts – all of which are made on-site from fresh ingredients. Polly also offers superb Israeli wines from the finest local wineries.

Do you want a meat meal? Bring in catering and you can do that, too. And if you want some advice, you can call Polly’s, set a time to discuss your event – and get a free breakfast, too.

Where: 1 Yehuda Street, Jerusalem.

  • 072-3281216

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Medita Restaurant

Photo: Courtesy of Medita restaurant

A bit outside of the city center, but still easily accessible by the main Hebron Road, Medita in Talpiyot offers an stylish setting for events of up to 180 people with modern Mediterranean delicacies from chef and Cordon Bleu graduate Motti Ohana.

Where: 101 Hebron Road, Jerusalem

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Lechem Basar


Photo: Courtesy of Lechem Basar restaurant

Located in the charming First Station compound, Lechem Basar is a modern restaurant with a casual atmosphere that specializes in high-quality meat alongside fresh bread and salads.

In addition to a delectable menu, it has a private event room that can host up to 30 people, and if you book the entire restaurant, you can have up to 120 guests in the winter and 150 in the summer. The decor is an eclectic mix of retro furniture, which makes for a lively atmosphere, perfect for casual celebrations and group dinners for family, friends or work colleagues. Menu prices range from 120 to 200 NIS per person.

Where: First Station, 4 David Remez Street, Jerusalem

  • 072-3281970

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View from Pichonka

Photo: Courtesy of Pichonka restaurant

The Jerusalem Hills are like a cinematic dreamscape of lush green hills as far as the eye can see — the perfect backdrop for a bar mitzvah, wedding, brit milah or any celebration.

Pichonka is one of the best restaurant venues in the area, with a sprawling outdoor patio featuring a stunning view of the hills that can host up to 400 people. And the special event menus feature Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacies made from the freshest local ingredients that are sure to please any crowd.

Where: Nes Harim, Israel

  • 072-329-0737

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