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Top Summer 2021 Jerusalem Festivals

Summer will quickly be upon us, and the city of Jerusalem is preparing for another exciting season full of one-of-a-kind events and activities.

If summer is known for anything besides the warm and sunny weather, it’s festivals of all shapes and sizes, and you’ll find no shortage in Jerusalem this year.

Top Summer Festivals

Jerusalem Wine Festival

The annual Jerusalem Wine Festival at the Israel Museum has been one of the city’s premiere events for over a decade and is a notable chance to get chic in a city known for being casual. A celebration of Israeli wineries, last year’s festival hosted around 60 wineries offering tastings of hundreds of wines, some entirely new.

The festival is held in the beautiful Art Garden of the Israel Museum with live music every evening, making the wine festival a wonderful way to spend a summer evening in Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem Beer Festival

With more than 150 types of international and local beers for sale, foods stands and great live music, the Jerusalem Beer Festival promises to be a fantastic night out for lovers of beer, or for anyone who simply enjoys an outdoor party atmosphere in Jerusalem, the city that offers much cooler nights than most other places in Israel during the hot summer months.

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Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival (Mekudeshet)

Musicians of a myriad of religions from the four corners of the world gather once a year in Jerusalem for a pilgrimage of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and for four days of performances that will make you stop and ponder, have you dancing wildly, enlighten you and make your heart soar.

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival is a harmonious call to all the nations and faiths of the world to come together in equality and to rejoice in themselves. This festival of song, discourse and deliberation offers a setting that embraces a variety of sacred music, sweeping participants away in a blend of the senses.

Now in its fourth year, the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2015 will reach for new heights, presenting an expansive program that will provide festival-goers with opportunities delve into musical styles and never-before-heard combinations.

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The Israel Festival

One of the most well-known and longest-running Jerusalem festivals, the Israel Festival is an annual three-week spring event that meshes professional performances by Israeli and international artists with Jerusalem’s distinctive venues.

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Musrara Mix Festival

Musrara Mix is an international interdisciplinary art festival that takes place annually in Musrara, the Jerusalem neighborhood on the seam between eastern and western Jerusalem. During this three day festival, dozens of Israeli and international artists and musicians, and students of the Naggar School exhibit their works, and perform for audiences, including dance, music and alternative performances. There are also lectures and workshops available. This hub of art and social happenings depict the cultural and political sides of Jerusalem specifically and Israel in general. – See more at:

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Jerusalem Festival of Light

Jerusalem’s light festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad who stroll the picturesque lanes of Jerusalem’s Old City taking in its enchanted ambiance while its walls and cobblestone streets are illuminated with an amazing variety of modern light art installations created by local and international artists. The juxtaposition of the historic Old City with innovative and captivating artwork is a sight to behold.

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Klezmer Festival

Dozens of klezmer musicians from around the world will gather in Jerusalem for the latest edition of the Klezmer Festival.

The Klezmer Festival attempts to synthesize the diaspora concept of classical klezmer music with the more modern and Israeli style, by mixing the traditional klezmer music with the latest, trendy Israeli-style music.

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International Film Festival

Jerusalem has been hosting the 10-day Jerusalem International Film Festival every summer since 1983. Over the course of 10 days, the best of Israeli and world cinema is featured and there are prestigious competitions, premieres of the most important Israeli films of the year, tributes to well-known film figures and live musical performances. The festival also hosts the elite of the local film industry alongside the newest talents, with offers of professional panels and workshops.

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International Chamber Music Festival

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, which takes place annually at the YMCA Jerusalem, presents a repertoire that expresses a love for artistic beauty, an ongoing search for new music and a deep appreciation for popular, well known compositions.

Every year, the program gives audiences a beautiful, interesting and exhilarating time through wonderful music performed by outstanding international and Israeli artists.

The festival also includes master classes for musicians of an array of musical instruments.

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