Taxis in Jerusalem

Taxis in Jerusalem

There are around 2,000 taxis in Jerusalem, particularly in Givat Shaul, Talpiot, Beit Hakerem and other main areas. Though it is safest to book one by phone or obtain one through an official rank, it is common practice to hail one on the street.
autor iconBy Loren Minsky , December 25, 2023

It is worth looking out for taxis with the branding iTaxiJerusalem, who have signed a treaty with the municipality pledging fair and quality service.

Note that taxis are white in west Jerusalem, and yellow in east Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem Taxi Companies

For the full list of Jerusalem taxi companies visit the Jerusalem Taxi Services website!

Bar Ilan taxis: 02-5866666
Rehavia taxis: 02-625-4444
Beit Hakerem taxis: 02-5000101
The Davidka taxis: 02-537-7004
Palmach taxis: 02-6793333
Peak Taxis: 02-642-2222
Romema taxis: 02-544-4444