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Taxis in Jerusalem

There are around 2,000 taxis in Jerusalem, particularly in Givat Shaul, Talpiot, Beit Hakerem and other main areas. Though it is safest to book one by phone or obtain one through an official rank, it is common practice to hail one on the street. It is worth looking out for taxis with the branding iTaxiJerusalem, who have signed a treaty with the municipality pledging fair and quality service. In general, restaurant and hotel staff are happy to call a taxi for you, but bear in mind that an additional 5.12 ILS is charged when one orders taxis by phone.

It is worth making sure you don’t get overcharged by checking that the meter starts at 11.08 ILS, which is the standard minimum taxi tariff in Israel between the hours of 5:30 am and 9:00 pm (tariff 1).

You may want to ask for a printed receipt at the end.

If you prefer, you can also agree with the driver on a fair price at the beginning of the journey rather than using the meter. Taxis with the branding iTaxiJerusalem have a computerized list in the car with standard fares to major destinations in the country.

Taxi drivers charge an extra 5 ILS when departing from Ben Gurion Airport, and an additional 16.60 ILS when asked to travel on Highway 6 (apart from section 18).The standard taxi tariff between 9:01PM and 5:29AM, and on Shabbat and Jewish festivals (tariff 2) is 25% higher than tariff 1.  An extra 4.90 ILS is charged for every additional person (age 5 and above) when there are more than two people in the car. The driver is also permitted to charge 4.41 ILS per luggage item. Drivers are not permitted to charge extra for hand luggage and wheelchairs.

The average rate for a private taxi to the airport is around 249 ILS to 298 ILS

Note that taxis are white in west Jerusalem, and yellow in east Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Taxi Companies

For the full list of Jerusalem taxi companies visit the Jerusalem Taxi Services website!

Beit Hakerem 02-500-0101
Rechavia Taxis 02-622-2444
HaPisga 02-642-2222
HaPalmach 077-333-6368
Bar Ilan 02-586-6666
Romema 02-544-4444