Walk Jerusalem

Walk Jerusalem

autor iconBy Loren Minsky

Take a walk around Jerusalem and experience just what this magical city has to offer.

There are many neighborhoods around Jerusalem that are best explored by foot, such as the winding alleys of the Old City and the neighborhoods of Nahalat Shiva, Yemin Moshe and Nachlaot. In fact, parts of these areas are not accessible to cars making the experience more relaxed and enjoyable for walkers.

It is worth wearing solid shoes as many of the old streets are unevenly paved. The Old City, in particular, is known for its cobblestoned roads and sidewalks. Jaffa Road in the center of town has become much more pedestrian-friendly since the introduction of the light rail, but you need to watch out for the light rail approaching as there are no protection barriers.

Street signs are generally in English and Hebrew, as well as in Arabic in the Old City.

If you enjoy walking and are looking for an enriching insight into some of Jerusalem’s major religious and cultural attractions, then consider going on one of our guided tours. The Old City of Jerusalem is a highly recommended tour that will take you through the highlights of one of the most historically significant and beautiful places in the world.

Another stunning walking tour is a tour that will take you to visit both the Old City and Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

You can also participate in a walking tour on any given Saturday in Jerusalem organized by the municipality. The tours are given by professional tour guides and are in English. There are also many other organized guided tours of Jerusalem that involve sightseeing by foot.