The Belz Great Synagogue

The Belz Great Synagogue

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Although initially built to invoke the memory of the synagogue that served the Hasidim in Europe, Jerusalem’s Belz Great Synagogue is anything but a replica of the original. The extravagant, massive structure is the largest synagogue in Jerusalem – probably the largest in the world, as well – and can host as many as 7,000 worshipers in its central sanctuary. Visible from the Route 1 city entrance, the resplendent synagogue resembles the Second Temple - a site in its own right, especially as it's lit up at night.

The synagogue was completed in the year 2000 after years of planning and fundraising and includes study halls, smaller synagogues for weekday prayers, libraries, dorms, and halls. The ark in the main sanctuary houses some 100 Torah scrolls and is 15 meters high. Visitors to the Belz Great Synagogue are advised to dress modestly (for women, skirts should extend below the knees and sleeves below the elbow), and come on a Saturday (Shabbat) or a Jewish holiday. Although it is not officially a tourist site, and some of the congregants may be suspicious of tourists, there is often someone on hand who will be happy to show you around this magnificent edifice.

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based on 1118 traveler reviews
  • renayitz
    December 1, 2019

    14-story religious community center that has schools, synagogues (shuls), a dormitory/hostels, ritual baths (mikva) by the dozens, 70 Torah scrolls, dining halls, wedding halls, and a fancy Ultra-Orthodox synagogue that...

  • Moshe Starkman
    Moshe Starkman
    August 3, 2019

    This is an impressive building where every square inch was meticulously considered by the rebbe. It is worth requesting a tour!

  • Aby Sarah
    Aby Sarah
    November 18, 2019

    Probably the most amazing synagogue in the world. It is so well kept. There are options for organized visits, spontaneous visits are not allowed. The inside is beautiful, very high ceiling wood furniture, very spiritual...

  • Yoseph Y. Langsam
    Yoseph Y. Langsam
    September 18, 2023

    Great place to pray!!

  • Dovy Sternlicht
    Dovy Sternlicht
    September 23, 2018

    Stunning piece of art. Top facilities, anything a shul could do with, it's there. Many minyonim all day, mikva, coffee, seforim shop, vending machines and much more Maintenance is top notch. The building consists of 10 fl...

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