Binyamin Tourism

Binyamin Tourism

The Binyamin Region is a stunning, expansive piece of land, with an abundance of historical sites, breathtaking landscapes, boutique wineries, many attractions and a wealth of natural springs. Visiting Binyamin means visiting the land of the biblical heroes.

The Western and Eastern Regions

The Western Binyamin region, a short drive from Jerusalem, is full of forests, vineyards and spectacular viewpoints of the entire Israeli coastal plain. Connect with your outdoorsy side with springs, professional bike trails, the Neve Tzuf forest reserve and the Givat Hayekavim site with secret caves and some of the oldest olive presses in the world. East Binyamin is a desert immediately outside Jerusalem, on the way down to the Dead Sea. Prat River (Wadi Qelt) runs through its center with flowing water year round and its springs which are magical oases. Lookouts offer views of the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and Jericho. East Binyamin offers jeep and ATV rides, Genesis Land with camel rides, meat restaurants, a desert night khan and more. See the famous vineyards up close and visit one of the award-winning boutique wineries of the area. Among the vineyards and springs, ride the carefully planned bike trails with different levels of difficulty.

Tourist Information Center

A new information center for travelers and tourists has opened in the Ma’avar Michmash gas station (on Route 60) in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, the Binyamin Regional Council and the council's tourism department. The center is housed in a quaint log cabin and offers professional, personalized guidance and instruction regarding the surrounding sites, an information booklet and a detailed map, both full of information about all the tourist attractions in the area, including B&Bs, wineries and restaurants. The center also offers updates regarding activities, festivals and events in the area.


Hours: Sunday: 8:00 am-3:00 pm; Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am-4:00 pm Phone: +972-72-3281845 (toll free) Find it on Waze: "תחנת דלק מעבר מכמש "

Featured attractions

Ancient Shiloh

Shiloh was the place of the Tabernacle and the capital of ancient Israel for 369 years. Many of the stories of the Bible took place in Shiloh: the inheritance division amongst the tribes, Hannah’s prayer to be fertile, the Tu B’Av celebrations (the 15th of the Jewish month of Av when single girls danced in the orchards in order to attract men and get married) and more. A tour of Shiloh is a fascinating biblical experience amongst the olive tree groves and vineyards. At the top of the archaeological tel is the “Seer’s Tower,” an impressive lookout tower with a multimedia presentation which tells the biblical stories that happened in Shiloh on the backdrop of the views. You can order specialized tours in Shiloh such as for bar/bat mitzvas, musical/theatrical tours, workplace fun days and school trips.


Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 08:00 to 17:00; Friday and holiday eves: 8:00 am-1:00 pm Phone for details and to reserve: +972-72-3290736 Website: http://telshilo.org.il/en/

Visitor’s center “Nachalat Binyamin” in the Psagot Winery

The visitor’s center is housed in a beautiful large building, where you can eat, taste wine, host events and much more. The visitor's center also offers an hour-and-a-half tour divided into 4 parts:

The Wine Veranda

Enjoy a unique viewing space between the visitor’s center and the winery's production floor with a special exhibition explaining the wine making process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The Eastern Veranda

An interactive presentation explains the security importance of the Binyamin Region as being the last line of defense protecting the heart of the country. One part of the presentation is projected on a large screen and a personal screen gives a unique experience.

The Auditorium

A multimedia show describes through an emotional story the connection between this biblical region and the people living in it.


Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 09:00 to 17:00; Friday and holiday eves: 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. Phone: +972-2-997-9333 More information: http://www.n-binyamin.co.il/eng/

Givat Hayekavim and the "Bad Bevad" Cafe

Visit an impressive archaeological site where remains of an ancient settlement were found with over 30 wineries underground through which you can crawl (please bring flashlights), a columbarium and one of the oldest olive presses in the world. At the top of the site is the “Mediterranean Tower” where one can look out towards Ben Gurion Airport and the coasts of Netanya to Ashkelon. The archaeological site is located near the Bad Bevad Cafe – a coffee shop and pizzeria. (Bad Bevad is a Hebrew saying meaning simultaneously. The cafe name is a play on the saying and the Hebrew term "beit bad" (בית בד) which means olive press.)

Genesis Land

Between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea relive the stories and times of Abraham and the biblical period with a visit to an ancient tent, a camel ride, workshops and events.

Ein Prat Nature Reserve

The magical Prat River has an abundance of water all year round (not an obvious statement in Israel), and is just a 10 minute drive from Jerusalem. The Ein Prat Nature Reserve is an oasis with numerous pools, a flowing river, picnic tables, archaeological remains and more.

Bed & Breakfasts in Binyamin

There are dozens of B&Bs in Binyamin, with something for everyone including for couples or families, with a pool, in a forest, in the desert, with luxurious meals, holistic treatments, and everything bathed in the beautiful Binyamin landscapes.


Binyamin has a plethora of springs. A perfect trip to Binyamin could include a swim in a cool spring, a picnic at the picnic tables and taking in the beautiful views. Bike Paths and Single Tracks Love extreme sports? Dozens of kilometers were created in Binyamin for bikes that take riders through vineyards and by springs at different levels of difficulty. You can receive the map of paths at the information center (information above). Binyamin Region also offers varied routes for off-road vehicles, rangers and ATVs – be in touch with the information center for more details.

More Information

Find lots of information regarding touring Binyamin at their website. Visit it now >> Connect with them on Facebook (mainly in Hebrew) >> Contact them for more information: +972-72-3281845 go@binyamin.org.il

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