Chain of Generations - Multimedia Show

Chain of Generations - Multimedia Show

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based on 63 traveler reviews
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The Chain of Generations Center relates the fascinating story of the Jewish people through 3,500 years - from exile to statehood, destruction to rebuilding, and crisis to hope - using music, sculpture, archaeology and light and sound effects.

The tour is an interactive experience and invites visitors to participate in a journey through generations. The center is divided into several rooms, each of which exposes the visitor to a different period in the history of the Jewish people, beginning with the forefathers and twelve tribes and ending with the establishment of the State of Israel. Each room contains layers of glass illuminated by rays of light made by artist Jeremy Langford. The light fits majestically with music and explanations of about these works of art.

The Chain of Generations Center took seven years to build and includes archaeological finds astonishingly discovered during its construction, and thereby integrated into an exhibit. The foundations of the ''Room of Yearning'' include a wall from the period of the First Temple, Crusader walls, a Mamluk ceiling, and a mikveh (ritual bath) from Second Temple times. A huge column ''sprouts'' from this floor, symbolizing the yearning for Zion.

A tour of the center culminates in the ''Hall of Light,'' which shares the moving story of Rabbi Yisrael Halevi, a Jew whose entire life was a song of yearning for Jerusalem, and who was taken to a concentration camp in Poland and never reached the Holy City. A paratrooper, Moshe Amirav, in the battle for Jerusalem in 1967 heard the tale from one of Rabbi Yisrael’s students who survived the Holocaust. This story encapsulates the central message of the Chain of Generations Center and its theme of hope despite pain.

The tour is suitable for groups of 12-25 participants, is wheelchair accessible and takes approximately an hour. The tour is recommended for anyone over the age of 13 and is suitable for individuals and groups. Visits to the center are by reservation only, and are available live in English and Hebrew, with headphone options for Spanish, French, Russian, and German.

Photo by: Max Richardson

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based on 63 traveler reviews
  • Shanni Prutchi
    Shanni Prutchi
    February 27, 2023

    We did the Great Bridge tour, and it was fascinating! Our guide was an archeology professor and gave us some excellent insight. This is truly worth a visit.

  • Yosi K
    Yosi K
    February 18, 2022

    A wasted hour of religious propaganda. The focal point of the tour is to exemplify the superiority of the religious way of life. Don't waste your time and money!

  • Racheli Amar Ninio
    Racheli Amar Ninio
    September 6, 2023

    We arrived at the center of the chain of generations (near the Wall tunnels, you can buy tickets on the spot) and experienced an exciting historical journey, Avitar Banai accompanies the journey and begins with the person...

  • עמיר בן-צבי
    עמיר בן-צבי
    August 22, 2023

    got much, got nothing! Instead of focusing on the enormous added value of the place and explaining the chain of generations only during the building of the house, there is an attempt to encompass all the thousands of year...

  • מירי שמואל
    מירי שמואל
    August 24, 2023

    A museum that is located next to the Wall and where we trace our Jewish roots which is transmitted in an audiovisual and experiential manner

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