Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist

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The Church of St John the Baptist is a small church in the south of the Christian quarter in the old city, at the corner of Christians Street and David Street.

The entrance is through a gate between the shops at the southern end of Christians Street. This is the oldest church in the old city; its lower part is from the Byzantine period, and some date it back to the Crusader period. The church is named after John the Baptist. Apart from its name, there is an ancient crypt where you can see Byzantine and Christian eras relics.

During the Crusader era, the church was under the responsibility of the Hospitaller order, which adopted John the Baptist as its patron. In 1244 the church was destroyed and rebuilt 1842. At this time, a newer church was also built. It is above the ancient church, and in it, there is a bone attributed to the skull of John the Baptist. Instead of a courtyard with a water cistern, there is an ancient inscription in the Greek language. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate owns the church.

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based on 172 traveler reviews
  • pts pts
    pts pts
    December 27, 2019

    Beautiful Church! Tiny ancient door with east-to-miss stop lintel are the only markers for this Church. Inside, a nice and calming garden with Nuns cloisters above. The Church is surprisingly big and very elaborate. I...

  • BradJill
    July 25, 2018

    The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the oldest churches in Jerusalem, with roots dating back to the mid 5th century. Historically, it has been a Mosque as well as a hospice during the Crusader period. However, pr...

  • jonathan foo
    jonathan foo
    March 23, 2018

    Currently restoration. Hard to locate but walk along the marketplace till see a small entrance.

  • Regis Firmin
    Regis Firmin
    June 26, 2022

    After having been four times to the church area in the past year, in different times and days of the week, I have never found it open - nearby salesmen says it doesn’t have regular opening times since the beginning of the...

  • Kayuri Niwa
    Kayuri Niwa
    June 28, 2019

    Been a while, but an old nun sitting there was extremely unfriendly and offensive. I couldn't even stay inside for 3 seconds. She must be a fake nun, not even Christian. What a shame for the church. What an insult for St....

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