Family Celebrations at the City of David

Family Celebrations at the City of David

Would you like to plan your family celebration in a unique atmosphere? The City of David invites you to an exceptional experience with exclusive boutique facilities with an atmosphere found only in Jerusalem – clear mountain air, outstanding views, history, and a special atmosphere of holiness.

Family celebrations become a precious memory shared by the celebrants with their family and friends. And between us, there is nothing like a happy memory. At the City of David hospitality sites, you can celebrate in amazing locations that cannot be found anywhere else in the country, which will turn your celebration into a dream come true. The hospitality sites are suitable for celebrations of all types and sizes and can hold from 50 to 200 guests so you can hold weddings, bar mitzvah ceremonies, bat mitzvah celebrations, birthdays, brits, and more. The City of David staff have extensive experience and in their capable hands, you will receive a response to every need and request. So which hospitality site is best for you?

House in the Valley

At the top of the Ben Hinnom Valley, an ancient, beautiful stone structure awaits you, overlooking the Old City walls. Pastoral views and an unforgettable experience, especially for you. Events take place outdoors. Number of guests: Up to 160 guests with table seating, or 200 guests with a buffet Menu: Your choice of milk or meat menu, served buffet style Parking: 200 meters from the site. Option of transportation from the First Station.

Farm in the Valley

The Farm in the Valley invites you to enjoy a rural hospitality experience in a unique and pastoral outdoor atmosphere. The farm is located near Ben Hinnom Valley, at the foot of the Old City walls, and within walking distance of the First Station Complex. The farm is available for bookings from March to November. Number of guests: the farm can accommodate Up to 140 guests. Menu: Dairy or meat of your choice, served buffet style.

The King’s Courtyard in the City of David

At the outset, ancient Jerusalem was located in the City of David. Today,  you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate in this historic archaeological location of national importance. The perfect celebration of your dreams in an authentic, historic atmosphere. The site is located next to the City of David National Park. Number of guests: From 50 to 120 guests. Menu: Your choice of milk or meat menu, served buffet style

The King's Garden Complex in the City of David

The King's Garden complex is located next to the entrance to the City of David National Park, creating a magical outdoor hospitality experience. The garden is ideal for refreshments and rest after an event at the Western Wall, offering pastries and hors d'oeuvres alongside hot and cold drinks, in the soothing shade of the olive trees. The complex is active throughout the year and can host an event for up to 90 guests. * The refreshments are served in a buffet format.

Bar Mitzvah experience in the City of David National Park

(Photo by Eliyahu Yanai) The City of David National Park is located close to the Western Wall, making it the perfect location for a Bar Mitzvah celebration with depth and content. The City of David National Park is the perfect place for family joys, values, meaning, and extraordinary experiences – all in one place. There’s an option for a festive procession accompanied by musicians and balloons to go from the Western Wall toward the City of David. At the end of the procession, you’ll have a welcome area with refreshments and later - a private tour for the whole family. During the tour, you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem, and a stroll among archaeological remains from various periods of Jewish history. The event can be held with professional guidance in different languages. If you’re looking for a meaningful event that allows you to experience Jerusalem in an exciting and fascinating way, you are welcome to celebrate with us in the birthplace of Jerusalem.  

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