EZ Raider Ein-Karem: a romantic, exciting and thrilling tour

EZ Raider Ein-Karem: a romantic, exciting and thrilling tour

A romantic couple's trip in Jerusalem – full of emotions and unforgettable memories!

Fall in love with Ein Kerem Jerusalem while touring it with EZ Raider. Intimate tours tailored to couples or intimate groups of up to 4 participants were designed with the purpose of delving into the experience of wandering in Jerusalem and experiencing it with all senses and attentive observation of the environment, which is not always possible in the framework of multi-participant tours. With the unique concept of Ein Kerem EZ Raider tours, you can get to any interesting place in Jerusalem, thanks to the advanced and innovative means of transportation - the EZ Raider, which is designed to take you from place to place in the most comfortable and efficient way comparing to any other transportation vehicle. Enjoy an exciting experience created especially for all lovers of tours where wild nature coincides with enchanting rural landscapes with its many curvy alleys and historic buildings. All in all, this area provides a glimpse into the past, all within a short distance from the heart of Jerusalem. The EZ Raider is an innovative, advanced vehicle that provides you with a sense of stability and safety when traveling even in the most challenging terrain. The vehicle is powered by electricity and is an eco-friendly solution.

Guided Tours Along Scenic Routes

Enjoy a unique tour of Ein Kerem that combines pleasant and lighthearted stories and guidance and accompaniment during the trip in both natural and urban environments. The tour creates a joyful journey between the magical alleys in Ein Kerem. The tour will thrill you with wonderful secret spots, the Spring of Miriam, magical landscapes, enjoying breathtaking vantage points, and more. During the tour, we’ll take breaks at interesting vantage points for hot and cold drinks and refreshments depending on the season. Tours always start off in the picturesque Ein Kerem neighborhood where we’ll get familiar with its rich history. You can book a romantic sunset tour (a perfect opportunity for various exciting events, such as a marriage proposal or a birthday celebration). In fact, Ein Kerem is the only place in the Jerusalem area that has a view over the sunset! Are you looking for a chance to spend a romantic and special time with your loved ones? We can offer you an amazing night tour that departs from the Old City walls and ends at the Mahane Yehuda Market which never sleeps. The magical Ein Kerem neighborhood invites you to countless experiences that you will not find anywhere else, not in Israel or in the world! You can contact us for information and details on additional tours and routes in Jerusalem and the surrounding area - from the Hagihon Tunnel to Ein Lavan, Beit Zayt reservoir, Lifta, and the Erez Valley. The tours are suitable for small groups of two to four.

Who is it for?

  • Ein Kerem EZ Raider tours are designed specifically for two to four travelers.
  • Romantic sunset trip for couples looking to spend the magical hours of twilight together over the backdrop of spectacular views of Jerusalem’s landscape. A chance to spend an unforgettable time together! Perfect solution for special occasions (anniversaries, marriage proposals, birthdays, or just as a chance to be together). The sunset and the unique views of Ein Kerem offer you an experience you’ll never forget.
  • An experiential, meaningful, and exciting pastime for up to four friends, suitable for ages 16 and up.
  • Anyone interested in a special challenge and the opportunity to experience nature in the most authentic way, while enjoying a fun and challenging trip through the magical forest landscapes of Jerusalem.
  • For intimate and unusual events, such as birthdays, giving special attention to a friend, anniversary celebrations, and particularly romantic marriage proposals

The route options to choose from

  • A tour of the alleys of Ein Kerem with a view from the Mount Herzl area.
  • A trip to the Beit Zayt Reservoir.
  • A tour of the pastoral Cedar Valley Park.
  • A night trip among the walls of the Old City, including a tour of Mamilla Mall and a visit to Mahane Yehuda Market.
  • A trip to the Hagihon Tunnel to Ein Lavan Spring (you can take a dip in the spring)

Important information

  • You do not need a driving license to drive an Easy Rider, but riding is allowed only from the age of 16.
  • Excursions and tours are suitable for up to four riders.
  • Not for pregnant women.
  • Each tour includes instructions regarding riding the EZ Raider and safety measures
  • The number of tours per day is limited to three tours in winter time and up to five tours in the summer

Prices and hours

price: per rider 250 NIS per rider on a sunset tour 300 NIS Sun-Fri 08:00 until sunset On Saturdays there is no activity
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