Friends of Zion Museum

Friends of Zion Museum

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A revolutionary experience at the Friends of Zion Museum

Welcome to the Friends of Zion Museum - a fascinating technological interactive museum. The museum's content is accessible to visitors by advanced means, unique soundtracks specially designed for the museum, and innovative presentation capabilities, in order to give you a completely new perspective on the Zionist story. The museum tells the story of the non-Jews, who believed in the biblical promise and the bond between the people of Israel and their land, and went above and beyond to help the Jewish people. The seven spaces of the museum are a journey in the ways of the heroes: by hand, you can watch their story. The museum offers a multi-sensory experience consisting of advanced screens, 3D technologies and original sound tracks not found elsewhere.

Explore the Museum

The tour of the museum begins with a “selfie” photo. Then, in the museum spaces, you can see the birth of the Biblical promise, between God and Abraham. The covenant began when God called Abraham, and he responded immediately, "Here I am." The motif of Abraham’s response will follow through your tour of the museum. In the progression of history you can see how the promise affected brave individuals who chose to stand by the Jewish people and stand up to the divine call. In the "Visionary" space with 36 touch screens, you can awaken 12 visionaries who worked overseas to fulfill the promise. You will experience their story in a mixed and interactive way. Among the visionaries you will find Lord Balfour who established a national home for Jews in the Land of Israel. The museum ends with a screening of a 3D movie in which you ask yourself how everything you experienced on the day of the visit will continue to ring true in your personal life. How will you choose to answer the call? You are invited to join the tens of millions who support us worldwide in the social networks and in a variety of means. The Friends of Zion Museum is located in the center of Jerusalem, in the picturesque Nahalat Shiva neighborhood. In this neighborhood, the ancient houses and cafes will give you a glimpse into the 19th century in Jerusalem, when the Jewish community settled for the first time outside the walls of the Old City.
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based on 1771 traveler reviews
  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts
    November 5, 2019

    Excellent experience. The initial video was world class, and the interactive exibits and multi sensory presentation were terrific. It is the story of the Jewish people who never gave up on what the Bible promised - having...

  • Brian Beverage
    Brian Beverage
    January 13, 2023

    Wonderful museum with cool uses of technology!

  • Audionor Miranda Neto
    Audionor Miranda Neto
    December 4, 2018

    Museum The Friends of Zion Museum is located in the heart of Jerusalem, within walking distance of the Old City.[1] The museum tell the story of non-Jewish aid to the Jewish people, support of Zionism and assistance in t...

  • Ruben Fernandez
    Ruben Fernandez
    March 15, 2023

    Wow...what an incredibly amazing experience!!! This is a very interactive place that immerses you into some of the people that positively affected the history of the people of Israel.

  • Kenneth Lui
    Kenneth Lui
    March 20, 2023

    Great interactive museum! Displays the hope of the Jewish community and Israel as a nation. Family friendly!

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