STAR CAR, Electric Car for an exceptional experience

STAR CAR, Electric Car for an exceptional experience

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Enjoy a fun driving experience while visiting the most notable Jerusalem Sights!

Introducing the STAR CAR (formerly GO CAR): an exciting attraction combining driving an open electric vehicle through the beautiful alleys of Jerusalem and a digital guide to get to know the city. This combination gives participants an enriching experience, making your visit to Jerusalem truly memorable. The STAR CAR tour departs from the First Station Complex and goes all the way to the Old City – a must-see place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The STAR CAR tour of the Old Town is a great way to get to know this important and sacred place for the main three religions of the world – while driving the coolest car you've ever seen.

Get to know the STAR CAR

STAR CAR is an open electric vehicle, built to allow you to breathe in the fresh mountain air of Jerusalem as you go. The STAR CAR also features a built-in digital screen that will show you exciting stories from Jerusalem's history. The STAR CAR tours depart from the First Station Complex (David Remez Street 4, adjacent to the Complex's parking lot) every two hours, from morning to late evening, all weekdays. Just choose the time and day that suits you and book a trip online or by phone! STAR CAR is the ultimate experience for families, couples looking for a new romantic experience, and for those who wish to experience Jerusalem in a special, different way.

Visit the following sites with this tour:

  • The First Station 
  • Hutzot Hayotzer artist colony
  • Tower of David 
  • Zion Gate
  • The Western Wall 
  • Mount Zion Hotel
  • The German Colony 
  • The Rail Park 
  • Mishkenot Sha'ananim - seen from a breathtaking view of Montefiore's Windmill

Days and hours of Activity

  • Activity Days: Sunday-Saturday
  • Tour times: 10 AM Noon 2 PM 4 PM 6 PM
  • The tour takes about an hour and a half (90 minutes).
  • Tours depart from the First Station Complex, David Ramez 4. The tour is accompanied by a guide who leads the group. During the tour, there are stops for taking photos and savoring the beautiful views.
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