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The Hansen House is a center dedicated to the world of design, media, and technology, offering permanent exhibitions alongside temporary exhibitions, a historical exhibition about the story of the house and its occupants. It incorporates augmented reality works, a cinema hall, a sound lab, an animation lab, and a variety of fascinating cultural events throughout the year.

The Hansen House hosts the advanced degree studies of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. This non-profit group is a center for activity, meetings, research, and exhibitions in contemporary art, research groups in design and technology, the "HaTav Behansen" cinema hall of the HaTav Hashmini company, the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund of the Jerusalem Development Authority and more. 

The Hansen House was designed by the architect Konrad Schick and built in 1887 by the Protestant community in the city, as an isolated hospital for leprosy patients. In 1950, the house was purchased by the Jewish National Fund and continued to be used as such. In 2009, the Israeli government decided to transfer the building from JNF to the Jerusalem Municipality, for its restoration and conversion into a design, media, and technology center. The planning and conservation work at the site was done between 2011-2013, under the management of the Jerusalem Development Authority. 

After years in which the place's walls were closed to the general public, Hansen House was recently reopened. The site, previously used as an isolated hospital for leprosy patients, underwent a serious facelift and was converted into a design, media, and technology center.

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based on 2610 traveler reviews
  • Reut Golinsky
    Reut Golinsky
    October 11, 2018

    I really love this recently renovated place, one of "hidden gems" of Jerusalem, a bit off the beaten touristic track, in the picturesque Talbieh neighborhood. Designed by famous Jerusalemite architect Conrad Schick in 188...

  • Falk Uebernickel
    Falk Uebernickel
    July 16, 2019

    This restaurant is delicious, cosy and absolutely relaxing. I like the style and atmosphere very much, it conveys a kind of family feeling. The service is a bit chaotic but nevertheless top class :-) just relax and enjoy.

  • Doron Altaratz
    Doron Altaratz
    July 8, 2023

    Hansen House Jerusalem is a unique cultural center that offers various activities and experiences. There are many things to do, but I mostly liked the are and design exhibition

  • Laura Moreno
    Laura Moreno
    February 26, 2021

    The restaurant is delicious. We got a full picnic for two and sat on one of the tables in the beautiful garden outside. We also saw the exhibit: Permanent Residence. It was absolutely lovely.

  • Amir Bar-Maor
    Amir Bar-Maor
    December 27, 2017

    Beautiful structure that is open to the public with history and a great option for a breakfast or lunch break. It is used to day for post graduate studies and escaped the jaws of the real estate demolition sharks.

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