The Hebrew Music Museum

The Hebrew Music Museum

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In the heart of Jerusalem, in the picturesque music square in the Nahalat Shiv’a neighborhood, there’s a unique experience that awaits you: The Hebrew Music Museum

A unique musical vision in the heart of Jerusalem

The visit to the museum is essentially a journey through the history of Hebrew music. The museum is a unique attraction that touches children, adults, musicians, and all music lovers from all sides of the globe. 

During the tour, you will also travel the world: Central Asia (Persia and the Caucasus), Morocco and Andalusia, Africa (Ethiopia), Yemen, European countries, the Balkans, Syria Iraq, India, and more. There’s even an entire exhibition space dedicated to the ancient music of the Levites! 

Each installation and space in the museum are designed in an authentic architectural style that presents the characteristics of the place and the time from which the musical instruments are taken. 

A visit to the museum gives a rare encounter with a collection of ancient musical instruments, including over 260 special and spectacular instruments collected from the Diaspora. In addition, the displays incorporate multimedia games and advanced technologies to enhance the musical experience.

Tour the Museum

The Hebrew Music Museum offers you a guided tour (most recommended by the visitors) in which you can hear the fascinating stories of the instruments presented, the people who played them, the countries and cultures from which they originated, and of course - you can also experience playing for yourself! (Don't worry, there's no need to take music lessons before, just to show up!). 

You may also choose to tour the museum independently with a tablet and headphones that you’ll receive at the reception. That way you'll get to know the "Grandpa Levi" guide (created with advanced animation) who will guide you at your own pace through the instruments, games, and videos. (A tablet will be given to children ages 10 and up. Younger children will be accompanied by an adult with a device). 

The museum is interactive, combing cool and experiential activities for all ages. This includes a VR performance of the music of Levitas in the Temple in a virtual reality video, electronic drumming on Ethiopian drums, electronic brass competition, digital game 'Sitar Hero' and 'Saimons', playing ethnic musical instruments, and more... All of which will make the experience cohesive, innovative, and amazing! 

The highlight of the tour is in the Hebrew and last exhibition space – touring the VR Temple. Using cutting-edge technology, you can join a virtual musical tour of the Temple and experience the performance of Levites. It's an empowering, atmospheric and inspiring experience. 

A visit to the Hebrew Music Museum will allow you to discover the mosaic of Hebrew-Israeli music: After all, we all originate from different countries, speak different languages, and have different skin colors. These differences allow us to see that our diversity is what makes us so beautiful and special when we merge and unite in human Israeli harmony.

 Tour length: One hour


  • Adults: 60 NIS 
  • Child or Senior citizen: 45 NIS 
  • Student: 40 NIS 
  • A Soldier or a National Service or a Disabled person: 32NIS 

Don't forget to stop by the museum gift shop for souvenirs and other items connected to Hebrew music tradition.

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based on 1588 traveler reviews
  • Moshe Kwart
    Moshe Kwart
    May 31, 2023

    My wife and I arrived a few minutes early and found the staff to be very pleasant and friendly. The actual museum was designed and built in Middle Eastern finish and decor of a very high level. We took the guided tour wit...

  • dani dratler
    dani dratler
    June 5, 2023

    went with a group of students. walked around with the tablets. it was quite dull and boring, even for myself and others in our group who were interested in music. the fact that everyone just walked around with headphones...

  • shalva1948
    May 21, 2022

    The Hebrew Music Museum is located in Kikar Hamusica (“music square”), in Jerusalem. The museum displays musical instruments from across the world and allows visitors to enjoy hearing their sounds and learning about the i...

  • Reut Golinsky
    Reut Golinsky
    July 24, 2018

    This unique museum tells the story of the music Jews were playing in all the various diasporas around the world. As Jews were dispersed all over the world, the music, the musical instruments were very different, but the s...

  • Channa Baskin
    Channa Baskin
    April 18, 2023

    Last time we went it was fantastic! This time, very disappointing. We had booked a guided tour,, the morning of our scheduled visit we received an email that the guide had cancelled and there was noone else available. We...

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