ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center

ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center

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Playing host to dozens of conference and fairs a year, the Jerusalem International Convention Center (ICC) - better known by its former name, Binyanei Ha’uma - is the largest of its kind in the country. The building, erected in 1956 not far from the government complex on Givat Ram, plays host to a variety of conventions, seminars, exhibitions, and cultural events, and houses a movie theater.

The center is a total of 12,000 square meters spread over 10 spaces on two levels which can accommodate between 40 and 10,000 participants.

The building’s huge Ussishkin Auditorium - the largest in Israel with over 3,000 seats - has been the venue for events as diverse as the Eurovision song contest (twice) and the trial of Nazi war criminal Ivan Demjanjuk. It is also the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra home away from home in Jerusalem and hosts many of the higher-profile Israel Festival performances. Binyanei Ha’uma is also the place where the Globus movie theater (amazingly, one of only two multiplexes in Jerusalem) relocation, after its space in the Malha Mall was converted into the H&M clothing store.

Among other things, the center offers professional stage services, design services, catering services, security, stewardship, WiFi and a professional team of events managers.

The ICC is located at the entrance to the city, right across the street from the Central Bus Station, and around the corner from the towering Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Center offers 850 parking spaces, making it a convenient choice for any event.

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based on 5482 traveler reviews
  • elianna james
    elianna james
    December 20, 2021

    The place is huge! Went to an amazing, over the top concert put on by Chabad. There were easily 800 women attending. The light show and sound system were modern and fun. Women and girls were jumping up and down in the...

  • Robert Amery
    Robert Amery
    September 24, 2019

    Below my expectations, the coffee was cold, the snacks were ok, the brunch at 11 was ok + and the lunch was good. BUT the toilets were not clean, they had run out of toilet paper and towels half way through the event and...

  • Oyuntsengel Tseyen-Oidov
    Oyuntsengel Tseyen-Oidov
    February 15, 2023

    2023 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit - Superb 🤩

  • Aryeh Assayag
    Aryeh Assayag
    March 15, 2023

    International Convention Center Jerusalem, Israel Bathrooms: 7.75/10 A U-shape of two sets of four urinals with a solitary one in the center makes for an unusual yet practical arrangement. Urinals had head-height mirrors...

  • Mor M
    Mor M
    February 13, 2020

    Nice wide naturally lit up convention center. yeah, I don't know how I'm supposed to review a convention center. Don't have much to compare it to. Pro: Good location. Cons: Lots of construction around the outside. Doesn't...

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