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Welcome to Janana Park: Enjoy exciting extreme facilities, attractions, and unique activities for the whole family. The Janana Park is located in Kibbutz Kirya Anavim, in the heart of the magical and pastoral landscape of the Jerusalem mountains.

The vast park offers you 132 rope facilities, 25 climbing walls, bungee jumping attractions, target shooting games, and even the longest omegas in all of Israel.  Additionally, here you’ll find a professional paintball game field, and an advanced VR complex that will launch you into a world of alternative, virtual reality.

Every extreme ninja also knows that one must rest sometimes. Hence, the park has everything you might need to freshen up and gather your strength: a Bedouin tent will host you marvelously. There’s also a spacious Mongolian Yurt that is suitable for events and can be transformed according to the theme and nature of the event. The park is shaded, accessible, inviting, and pleasant in all seasons.

The ropes park: Crazy heights experience to activate all of your senses

Our rope park rises to a 4 stories height and functions as a park of its own. Here you can enjoy a variety of rope challenges, climbing walls, 1550 ft. long omegas, bungee jumping in front of the stunning landscape of Kiryat Anavim, and even an indoor complex designed for gatherings, conferences, and private events.

The ropes park is shaded and lit at night, suitable for children from age of 4 and up. The rope park is accessible to everyone.

More facilities at the Janana Park

  • Target shooting: Play a fun shooting game, alone or in a group. The complex is well-equipped and suitable for kids and adults of all enjoys. It is constructed as a range, allowing to shoot with M16 rifles that are located on a pad and shoot paintballs towards the target. The space is available for competitions, workshops, and more
  • Paintball: A professional paintball complex simulating elite units training camps: Seizing a bus with hostages, fortified targets, cars with enemy targets, simulating combat in an urban area, and more.
  • Virtual Reality Complex: Put on an advanced augmented reality helmet and discover new worlds and an enticing experience that will challenge your senses, time, and space.

Planning and organizing leisure days and private events at Janana Park

Janana Park has numerous event complexes for private events, team-building events, workshops, and birthday and bar mitzvah parties. The events combine the full or partial usage of the facilities of the park.

If you plan to host your event at Janana Park, you may use the authentic and spacious Bedouin tent. You may rent it as it is, or decorate it to suit the theme of your event.

In any case, the Janana Team will be at your service – from planning the concept of the event, through its full planning and production and the big day itself.

The skilled staff will help you to organize everything in a way best suited for your goals and desires, and the result will be extra festive and fun!

The park will be closed on Sunday-Thursday for private customers, except on holidays. The Paintball complex will be open all days of the week to groups of a minimum of 15 participants, pre-booking by phone only.
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based on 669 traveler reviews
  • Etai Baker
    Etai Baker
    May 15, 2023

    Lovely rope course park. Great for kids. Great for adults as well (if you're into that kind of stuff). If you're an adult accompanying children and don't intend on participating, bring food and a book because there is abs...

  • Eldad Crohn
    Eldad Crohn
    August 27, 2022

    This is an industrial climbing building with rope tracks. This isn't a forest park like you might have been in some other places. If the place isn't busy you can find it as a good place for children but most of the time i...

  • Shirley Segal
    Shirley Segal
    September 18, 2021

    The key to enjoy the Park is to come early before the crowds hit it. The ropes are growing more challenging in the 2nd and 3rd floors, bunjee is fun. The omega is by far one of the best in this place and Israel. Staff is...

  • M C
    M C
    July 26, 2022

    Great park for the whole family! Lots of options in terms of food and refreshments. Small stores for clothing and much more! Outside area, with shade to enjoy your meal or simply relax. Games for kids and family, zip line...

  • Noah Rose
    Noah Rose
    June 17, 2022

    The high ropes courses are fun, not difficult, but fun. The climbing walls are below subpar (don't recommend if you want quality climbing) and the Zipline is very fun, although short. Good for little kids, not great for o...

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