Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center

Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center

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based on 5404 traveler reviews
The Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center is situated in the famous Montefiore Windmill in Mishkanot Sha'ananim neighborhood

Fine Wine & Magical Atmosphere

For the first time in a long time, the windmill is now open to the general public and welcomes you to enjoy the high-quality wine produced by Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries - Jerusalem's leading winery: taste from the winery's extensive wine collection; order soft drinks and coffee alongside tasty refreshments; stroll along the windmill's terrace admiring the breathtaking view of the picturesque Mishkanot Sha'ananim and the walls of the Old City.

What's Waiting for You?

Here you can learn about wine and its role in our lives. You can taste different wine samples, learn about the wines and purchase exquisite wine bottles - guided by Ariel Beer. The center is also a great place to just spend some good and relaxing time with a glass of wine while admiring beautiful views. If you're looking for a place for an interesting group outing then you can also check out the center's fascinating wine workshops - brilliant for groups of friends or employees. History enthusiasts will also enjoy the place: there's a special film about the biography of Moshe Montefiore and the settlement outside the Old City walls. All in all, if you're visiting Jerusalem, the visitor center at Montefiore Windmill is a must-see.

Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries wines are made under the supervision of winemaker Sam Soroka, who has recently launched a new wine collection inspired by Montefiore Windmill and Mishkanot Sha'ananim. The collection focuses on unique blends and the pairing of different grape varieties with the Mediterranean climate.

Private & Business Events at Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center

The new Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center is the perfect place for hosting a private or business related event. If you're planning a product launch, gala night, birthday, pre-wedding photoshoot or any other milestone celebration, this is the right place for you. With the most beautiful views of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries Visitor Center offers a professional and attentive service with an exceptional menu and an option of incorporating a wine workshop or a guided tasting activity to your event, making it absolutely unforgettable.


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based on 5404 traveler reviews
  • C. A.
    C. A.
    October 4, 2023

    Went to visit the legendary Windmill of Jerusalem where they used to make flour from. A very stunning monument in one of the now richest districts of Jerusalem. Many beautiful houses are surrounding the Windmill and it's...

  • Alex Drukpa.
    Alex Drukpa.
    March 9, 2023

    Amazing views of the old city, quiet, well developed. Nice public garden and shaded areas. Good escape from the heat and the crowd while not losing the holly touch of Jerusalem

  • Tanya Silverman
    Tanya Silverman
    July 30, 2022

    Lovely atmosphere with good views just outside the walls of old city. Was with a group and we did 3 wine tastings. The ongoing story encompasses both the history of Israel and the history of Israeli wine. I like sweeter...

  • Dikola Bragg
    Dikola Bragg
    May 14, 2023

    There is a lovely Jerusalem bar cart nearby that overlooks Old Jerusalem wall. Beautiful spot!

  • Kylie Ho
    Kylie Ho
    May 17, 2019

    There is a winery with tasting at the site, however closed on Shabbat. Good view overseeing Jerusalem from this hill on a clear day. Perfect on a sunny day for beautiful photos.

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