Monastary of the Cross Jerusalem

Monastary of the Cross Jerusalem

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According to Christian tradition, the tree that was used to build the cross of the Crucifixion was located in Jerusalem’s Valley of the Cross, which today stretches between the neighborhood of Rehavia and Givat Ram.  It is said that Roman Emperor Constantine the Great consecrated the Valley in the 4th-century, and in the 11th-century, the Monastery of the Cross was built there with the help of the Georgian king.

For several centuries after its construction, the Monastery was the center of Jerusalem’s Georgian community; however, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate took control of the compound by the late 17th-century.Like many Crusader-era buildings, the Monastery was made to last and still stands today, although the original structure constitutes only a small part of the complex. The Crusader section of the Monastery houses a church with a window that overlooks the exact site where the famed tree of the Cross is said to have grown. There are also a few remains from the 4th century – including fragments of a mosaic – a museum and the living quarters of the monks who currently inhabit the Monastery.

The church’s dome is one of the most striking features of the monastery, as are the frescoes, notably the one depicting celebrated Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli.

Photo credit: Deena Levenstein

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based on 569 traveler reviews
  • Alex Drukpa.
    Alex Drukpa.
    March 23, 2023

    This is my beloved monastery in the Holy land. It is located on the northern downhill, thus, it is not so hot there even in summer. When you enter the monastery and several minutes walk inside through beautiful small path...

  • Malkhaz Inashvili
    Malkhaz Inashvili
    April 10, 2023

    According to the story, in the 4th century, on the advice of St. Nino, the first Christian king of Georgia, Mirian ( 261 - 342), who arrived here, bought the territory of the monastery and built a chapel there. In the sec...

  • Maytal Fine
    Maytal Fine
    September 12, 2023

    Beautiful and wanderful place. too bad half is closed for construction and we did not know.

  • charlie compton
    charlie compton
    January 19, 2023

    Wonderful place to visit, extensive history, Originally built in the 5th century at the direction of Queen St Helena, Mother of Emperor St Constantine.

  • Bose AT
    Bose AT
    October 22, 2018

    A Greek-Orthodox monastery, built as a fortress, located in the Rehaviah valley (Cross valley). According to tradition it is the site of the tree that was used to build the cross of the crucifixion.    The monastery was i...

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