Organizing Private Events at the Windmill Complex

Organizing Private Events at the Windmill Complex

Do you want to organize a private event, group, or professional event? The Mishkenot Sha'ananim Windmill Complex invites you to be impressed by an array of possibilities that will help you organize an unforgettable event which combines a unique Jerusalem atmosphere, pleasure, and fun.

Organizing events for groups and conferences in the windmill

An event at the Windmill Complex is an unforgettable experience that offers your event a wealth of options that will enrich the guests' experience. The windmill houses the new wine tasting center of the Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries, which has been specially adapted for events for groups and companies. In the complex you can enjoy various tourist attractions combined with the wine center:
  • Wine tastings and wine workshops for companies or organize a company evening, customized according to the customers’ needs
  • Segway tours with ZUZU Tourism, outdoor escape room, tours following the legacy of the famous philanthropist Montefiore and instruction on the operation of the wings of the mill.
  • Culinary workshop combined with wine tasting.
  • Tours of historical sites that include the Western Wall tunnels, the City of David and Ben-Hinnom Valley (combined with activities in the compound).
  • It is possible to do activities for continuing education for employees/managers.
  • The complex includes rooms and halls equipped for conferences and seminars.
  • What you will find in the halls: tables, chairs, lightning, projector

Organizing private events at the windmill

Near the mythological windmill in Mishkenot Sha'ananim, one of the most beautiful terraces in Jerusalem overlooks magnificent mountain views. On this spectacular terrace you can have a variety of private and happy events: bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, retirement events, various launches, and more. The magical atmosphere combined with the wine tasting center and the views will make your event an unforgettable and unique experience for the guests, and most importantly, for the host. The dedicated staff of the mill will accompany your event from the planning and concept to the exciting moment itself - all under the strictest standards of professionalism and courtesy. You can enhance your event with a wealth of options:
  • Visit tourist attractions near and within the Old City.
  • Outdoor escape room.
  • Walking or segway tours with ZUZU Tourism.
  • What you will find in the halls: tables, chairs, lightning and a projector.
  • In the complex, you will find two synagogues at your disposal.
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