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Since its establishment in 1967, the Khan Theater, Jerusalem’s only producing repertory theater, has gradually risen to prominence in the Israeli theater world and in recent years has attained a level of excellence that far exceeds its relative size. Despite producing only about three or four new shows annually, the Khan has succeeded in taking home a surprising number of Israeli theater awards, repeatedly beating out heavyweights such as Tel Aviv's Habima and Cameri theaters.

The Khan resides in the heart of what could be termed the capital’s culture district, right across from the new First Station complex, up the street from the Cinematheque, one block from Zappa Club, and a ten minute walk from the Jerusalem Theater. Set in such surroundings, the Khan’s picturesque locale is apparently conducive to good theater. Alternatively, it could be something in the water, or the unique methods of Artistic Director Michael Gurevitch, whose creative process is different, to say the least. Gurevitch, who also writes and directs many of the theater’s productions, often requires his actors to begin rehearsing before the play is finished, filling out fragmented, or rather - who are we kidding? - non-existent, plot outlines through improvisation and reciprocal exchanges of ideas.

The Khan bolsters its program with productions from other Israeli theater groups, also peddling its top-class material in venues throughout the country. Its list of prize-grabbing productions include such recent titles as 'A Passing Shadow' (2000), 'War on Home' (2002), 'The Miser' (2003), 'Happiness' (2004) and 'Life Is a Dream' (2005).

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based on 1397 traveler reviews
  • Steve Blake
    Steve Blake
    January 29, 2019

    What a beautiful theater! It is with all rocks around and the acoustics is fantastic. Prices are mostly reasonable too and overall we had a great experience. they have a restaurant and cafe around too if you want to arriv...

  • twiing k
    twiing k
    April 12, 2019

    Beautiful place, great atmosphere, the architecture is interesting, it's like a mini maze , while you explore the place you find out all this small caves . Visit at night ,great lighting

  • yael Smiley Simckes
    yael Smiley Simckes
    June 4, 2023

    We saw the Broadway show and it was excellent. We are m mbers of the Khan for 25 years and LOVE going there! We are spoiled by the high standards of this group and are very committed to the Khan

  • Neil Turetsky
    Neil Turetsky
    December 31, 2022

    the Khan is truly a jerusalem entertainment gem. an intimate and really lovely theater, highlights many of the smaller, yet very professional production groups that flourish in Jerusalem. both Hebrew and English producti...

  • Sarah Craimer
    Sarah Craimer
    November 28, 2018

    Lovely theater, the play we saw had very creative staging and the ensemble actors we're really good. Comfortable seats. The only issue was that the coffee shop was closed for renovations, however it wasn't much of an issu...

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