The Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum

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The Tower of David Museum is one of the distinct symbols of Jerusalem that represents thousands of years of history.

 You can visit the museum, experience changing exhibitions, and watch spectacular shows throughout the year. In addition, the museum hosts cultural events, tours, and unique art exhibitions.

The activities at the Tower of David are suitable for Israelis and tourists of any age, regardless of religion, race, gender, or nationality. They give visitors an unusual experience through which they can get to know, learn and understand the city's long and fascinating tale. The Tower of David Museum and its impressive archaeological findings unfold the story of the city over three thousand years of history. 

The mysterious and impressive Kishle building, located next to the citadel, provides visitors with a glimpse of selected chapters in the city's history, such as the stories of Hezekiah's wall, Herod's palace, the Ottoman walls, and the British detention center. The ancient and beautifully restored citadel stands at the main entrance to the old city, Jaffa Gate, which carries a deep symbolic meaning between ancient and modern Jerusalem even today.

New in the museum

The Tower of David Museum is now reopened after an extensive upgrade that included the preservation of the ancient citadel, the renovation of the minaret - the iconic symbol of Jerusalem, the construction of a new entrance pavilion and a museum store, the renewal of infrastructure, improved accessibility in the citadel, and the most prominent highlight: a new permanent display of 10 galleries, integrating Innovative technology, interactive exhibits, archaeological finds, and ancient objects.
The ticket to the museum includes a visit to the new permanent display, guided tours around the museum, entrance to the mo at and Kishla, a climb to the  Phasael tower - 360° view of Jerusalem, and a stroll through the citadel courtyard.

An audio guide and disposable headphones are provided to the visitors.

Jerusalem from a bird's eye view: Join a new tour that will take you on an adventure within historical models that present Jerusalem's timeline. The new tour will allow is an open-air tour through the spacious citadel courtyard and invites visitors to get to know Jerusalem and discover how it has changed throughout history. The tour includes unique historical models of Jerusalem that describe the changes in the capital over thousands of years. Among the models, you can find a large, rare, detailed model of Jerusalem in the 19th century inside a 1500-year-old cistern. Along the tour, you will stop at points of interest and remains from different periods discovered in archaeological excavations in the citadel. 

Admission includes an audio guide and disposable headphones. 

The mystery of Herod's Palace and the Kishle: A new tour that invites visitors to a fascinating journey into Jerusalem's past. Come and observe the significant events and stories that shaped history; A journey beginning in the citadel complex and continuing to the trench complex and the Kishle. In 1999, the Antiquities Authority carried out an extensive archaeological excavation in the Kishle and revealed the city's secrets from the days of the First Temple to the present day. Now the site is open for independent visits for the first time. The tour passes through the remains of King Herod's palace, a Jewish factory from the Middle Ages, and the detention center in Kishle. It includes rare findings, fascinating stories, and testimonies. Admission includes an audio guide and disposable headphones.

The night shows at the Tower of David 

The night shows at the Tower of David are a multi-sensory, breathtaking experience of sights and sounds. The citadel's walls and the archaeological remains in its courtyard are used as a setting for an impressive performance, unfolding Jerusalem's historical story using cutting-edge technologies and original music. The show "King David" reviews King David's history intertwined with Jerusalem's history and tells the story using innovative technology. 

The show is an immersive and spectacular journey within the great historical drama of King David - builder and founder of Jerusalem. The show "The Night Vision" is a powerful and experiential audiovisual show like no other that tells the story of Jerusalem with pictures and images projected on the ancient walls, the archaeological ruins, and the hidden paths of the citadel. The night vision and the King David show are for speakers of all languages. The shows are shown twice a week as of this moment. 

An entrance ticket to the museum does not include entry to the night shows. Tickets for the night show - King David and The Night Vision can be purchased separately. The entrance to the museum is from David Garden – the Western entrance to the Tower of David, adjacent to Jaffa Gate, at the end of Mamilla Boulevard. For more information about accessibility, don't hesitate to get in touch with 072-3290715

Entrance Prices

  • Adults: $12  (50  ₪45)
  • Kids: $6.2  (25  ₪23)


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based on 7775 traveler reviews
  • Pandian Chinnakkani
    Pandian Chinnakkani
    September 23, 2023

    Top most tourist place in Jerusalem . Streets are narrow. Shops sell all sorts of items, dates, spices, traditional clothes, modern dress, silver jewelleries. Better with a local guide, if not Certainly you miss the track.

  • Rachel Pohli
    Rachel Pohli
    October 1, 2023

    PHENOMENAL. BREATHTAKING. MESMERIZING. If you're in Jerusalem, go see it. That's all there is to say. It was the perfect finale to a three week trip which included travel all over Israel. Loved it!!!!

  • Kris T
    Kris T
    August 29, 2023

    It is not only amazing structure and so much history around it, but it also done in such an interactive and amusing way. The whole tower is made into museum with different rooms. There are even things and games for the ki...

  • Leo Aquino - Mentor
    Leo Aquino - Mentor
    August 16, 2023

    One of the best museums I ever visited. Very well organized, it possesses a good collection and it enlightens a lot about how and why Jerusalem was built. Well worth the visit, took many many photos! Looking forward to v...

  • Sarah Levanah Davis
    Sarah Levanah Davis
    July 21, 2023

    Love the new displays, great place to learn about the history of Jerusalem. Don't need a guided tour, plenty of detailed signs and interactive displays. Lots to see and many unique exhibits. AMAZING lookout.

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