Terra Sancta Museum - Via Dolorosa Multimedia Experience

Terra Sancta Museum - Via Dolorosa Multimedia Experience

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based on 97 traveler reviews
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The Terra Sancta Museum tells the story of Via Dolorosa in a 15 minutes multimedia installation that utilizes sound, video, animation and lights to take visitors back in time through the history of Jerusalem

The terra Sancta Museum tells the story from the Herodian period to the pilgrims of today, tracing the development of the Via Dolorosa and transformation of the city around it through the centuries.  The experience consists of 3 parts:

  • A presentation of archaeological sites and relics from the Roman era of Jerusalem

  • The history of Jerusalem's development from Roman times through it's modern urban development shown on a time lapse map

  • The history of the Way of the Cross told through video and sound based on accounts of pilgrims who have visited Jerusalem throughout history



Via Dolorosa is part of the the Terra Sancta Museum in the Church of the Flagellation on Via Dolorosa Street in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The installation is offered in 8 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew).

Booking is possible but not mandatory. Tickets are available onsite for 15 NIS.

Photos: Courtesy of Terra Sancta Museum

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based on 97 traveler reviews
  • Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
    Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
    May 10, 2023

    Too much of a crowd, but otherwise it's fine if you have the time to explore it.

  • Somniatus Industries
    Somniatus Industries
    June 17, 2023

    Very well laid out, can't give full answer because still under construction and many parts not yet finished. The multimedia area to the left was pretty good and immersive, got you in the mood for appreciating the area and...

  • Anaïs Uberti
    Anaïs Uberti
    January 10, 2019

    If you go to Jerusalem, you must visit this museum! In the multimedia part, you're immersed in an environment of lights, sounds, ambient noise, stories and animations. It only takes 15 minutes to visit it and will give yo...

  • Roger Seganti
    Roger Seganti
    February 28, 2020

    Highly recommended a visit to this archaeological museum, small with many artifacts, very well presented.

  • Marek Solnicka
    Marek Solnicka
    August 5, 2022

    We have walked inside by accident and it was amazing experience. Immersive multimedia part with explanation of the history (sometimes you have to find the sweet spot in the space to clearly here the voiceover due to echo...

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